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  1. Oh please, another album? We have to stop demanding new material from an artist with more than 1.454 songs, especially when the last ones haven't been so good. Let het rest in her own time.
  2. I'm sorry, but half of the songs you mentioned I preferred to forget until she recorded it one day, like What's it Feels like For a Girl
  3. I can't believe she put that crap "me against the music" song and left "causing a commotion" out
  4. Something To Remember CD1 Live To Tell Crazy For You The Look Of Love Love Don't Live Here Anymore Bad Girl Take A Bow You'll See Spanish Eyes One More Chance Rain Oh Father Forbbiden Love Promise To Try In This Life I'll Remember I Want You Something To Remember CD2 Drowned World/Substitute For Love Nothing Fails Miles Away I Deserve It Masterpice You Must Love Me Time Stood Still Ghosttown X-Static Process Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Intervention Joan Of Arc Mother & Father Falling Free Gone The Power Of Goodbye
  5. Hung Up Everybody Into The Groove Physical Attraction Holiday Like A Virgin Live To Tell Like A Prayer Nothing Really Matters Die Another Day Erotica Justify My Love Human Nature Bad Girl Bedtime Story Ray Of Light Rain Vogue Express Yourself Deeper & Deeper Material Girl Open Your Heart Crazy For You Music/Causing A Commotion/Where's The Party Celebration
  6. Wanting, needing, waiting For @Dazedmadonna to justify my love
  7. At this point, in MDNA and Rebel Heart Tour we already knew the setlist...
  8. Does anyone know when the rehearsal will start today?
  9. Madonna should understand that no one wanted this terrible song with Britney on the compilation album
  10. Just Madonna and a only dancer? it's just like this part of coreography
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