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  1. Martin Verbeek

    And he posted the preview.
  2. Mabey she is just using Pharrel name to boost her Algoritme.
  3. Martin Verbeek

    Hip music net
  4. Martin Verbeek

    Be happy with the few preview clips.. nothing has been leaked and they are in LQ
  5. Martin Verbeek

    Madonna's career is done, her albums dont even leak anymore. Nobody cares it seems. I mean its been sold in a few country's 2 days ago. :(
  6. Martin Verbeek

    Netherlands by far..
  7. Martin Verbeek

    Read it was about Tv rights. Madonna wants the Complete rights of her performance.
  8. Martin Verbeek

    I know pretty strange.. would be so weird if she was cancelled last min.
  9. Martin Verbeek

    Eurovision said again that there is no contract with Madonna so performance at this moment is still off for Saturday until the made deal. :(
  10. Martin Verbeek

    Medellin is #1 AT MTV top 10
  11. Martin Verbeek

    If this is the Complete Met Gala guestlist for tomorrow. M Won't be there. :(
  12. Martin Verbeek

    Is this gonna be broadcast live?
  13. Martin Verbeek