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  1. Luis Báez

    DID THEY* LEAK?! 😱😱😱
  2. I lay all my hope in the fact that she’s released 2 songs that are less than 4 minutes (in time) and she has also 2 more like these to go (Dark Ballet is just 15 seconds longer.) So she’s leaving the longer songs (which I’m hoping are fantastic) for when the album is out.
  3. Luis Báez

    I’m in love with this look. I really hope there are visuals for every pre-order track just like this.
  4. Luis Báez

    FFS I love the song. I knew the bass would break my chest. I just heard it on my car and I’m so happy.
  5. Luis Báez

    You mean “I Rise”? I can’t wait any longer lol
  6. Luis Báez

    Halsey is performing right now. If Ciara is next I’m gonna believe what DM said lol
  7. Luis Báez

    I just noticed the standard version disappeared from Apple Music. You can only see the deluxe version. Any guesses why?
  8. Luis Báez

    Listening to this new bit is making my eyes water. I can’t wait to hear the whole album in my car max volume and the windows closed until it breaks my chest ????
  9. I’m trying to find this picture in colours and high quality. Anyone knows where is it from?
  10. Luis Báez

    OMG! Where did you find this? ???
  11. I wouldn’t mind them if they will be dancing to the song hahaha