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  1. For me it has to be Confessions. Can't wait to hear what you all think.
  2. fiercemighty

    Madonna Best: Borderline Worst: None Like A Virgin Best: Material Girl Worst: Shoo-Bee-Doo True Blue Best: Open Your Heart Worst: Love Makes the World Go 'Round Like A Prayer Best: Like A Prayer Worst: None Erotica Best: Deeper and Deeper Worst: Did You Do It? Bedtime Stories Best: Take A Bow Worst: Don't Stop Ray of Light Best: Frozen Worst: None Music Best: Paradise (Not For Me) Worst: None American Life Best: Nobody Knows Me Worst: None Confessions Best: Let It Will Be Worst: None Hard Candy Best: Give It 2 Me Worst: Spanish Lesson MDNA Best: Love Spent Worst: Superstar Rebel Heart Best: Wash All Over Me Worst: S.E.X. Madame X Best: I Rise Worst: Crazy This was difficult. You can see for several albums I couldn't even choose a Worst track, and truly in those instances I love the album from top to bottom. For most of the other albums my worst track is simply the one I like the least, but I still bop to it when it comes on, see: True Blue, Erotica, MDNA, Rebel Heart, and Madame X.
  3. fiercemighty

    I did not hear those words exactly. Whoever did must have been sitting closer to the heckler in question. Just about anytime she paused to talk people would shout things at random, which made it difficult to hear what she was saying and on a few occasions made her stop what she was saying and delay the whole segment from moving forward.
  4. fiercemighty

    They seemed to offer that to quite a few people in the upper levels, maybe to fill in holes in the orchestra.
  5. fiercemighty

    I believe they were originally the $50 seats, but I had to buy them secondhand, and ended up being about $200 each.
  6. fiercemighty

    I enjoyed the show last night, but getting out at 1:30 AM was absurd. It's no wonder people were restless, you spend two or three hours waiting for her to go on, if you want to use your phone while you wait for the show to start you have to go into a small, crowded pen in the lobbies, and then after all that waiting for her, she seems to be in a mood herself. The moment she turned down $2000 for the polaroid and demanded more was cringeworthy. Of course I know it's going to charity, but it seemed snide. Most positive thing about the evening was that at the last minute my husband and I got offered to move from our seats in the third balcony, to seats in the orchestra, maybe a dozen rows from the stage. Which was the closest I've ever been, and made the price I paid for the tickets that much more worthwhile. As for the show itself, I loved many of the arrangements. Yes, there was a lot of auto-tune, but there were just as many moments where her vocals were true and brilliant. Batuka is electric live, as is Come Alive (a song I was very excited to see), and as always Like A Prayer engaged the whole house and turns a concert into a religious experience. I didn't mind the remix of Crave, rather its placement in the final act. It seemed sort of shoehorned in. I don't know where it would have fit better, but the theme and sudden change in tone for the act was weird. I believe there are many songs from her back catalogue that could have better fit the slot. So many thoughts, and I've already written a novel! So I'll leave it at this.
  7. fiercemighty

    In no particular order... Love Makes the World Go 'Round Shoo-Bee-Doo Who's That Girl I Love New York Hey You Spanish Lesson B-Day Song Superstar S.E.X. Autotune Baby problem with most of these songs is that either thematically or lyrically they are inane. I Love New York, Superstar, and S.E.X. I can jam to when they play, but afterwards I remember how cringeworthy the lyrics are. The Confessions Tour performance of ILNY saves the song a little as she presents NY as a state of mind. Hey You, I can appreciate the effort, I feel like Madonna wanted so bad to create something up there with Lennon's Imagine, and be regarded publicly like Lennon, as this person who wanted to improve the world and unite people; but the song ends up coming across ham handed.
  8. This is well thought out, though Turn Up the Radio appears twice. Also, was The Look of Love really popular at the time of its release? Genuinely don't know.
  9. fiercemighty

    God Control Come Alive Future Medellin I Don't Search I Find
  10. fiercemighty

    Interesting seeing everyone's placement of Medellin in their set list. I put it as the closing song because it has the most sing-along-ability, which is a common aspect among her closing numbers. Think Holiday, Hung Up, Give It 2 Me. I did consider performances during this era and from there, common themes among songs. Intro/Vogue American Life God Control I Rise I Don't Search I Find Human Nature Justify My Love Crave You Must Love Me Crazy X-Static Process Killers Who Are Partying Dark Ballet Joan of Arc Frozen Extreme Occident Easy Ride Rescue Me Batuka Like A Prayer Future Medellin
  11. It's obvious from her instagram that she is documenting the rehearsal process, and the tour itself is new territory for her; smaller venues, longer stays, she's said the set might be injected with comedy bits, and the show will obviously have a lot of political elements. I know since the alleged meeting with Netflix last year there has been constant speculation about a new doc, from her life in Lisbon, to the creation of the album, but I think that if there were going to be one, it would be about the tour. Truth or Dare/Blond Ambition Tour defined new standards of what an arena tour and tour doc could be, so as she redefines the concert tour, it only makes sense that she would want to show it off.
  12. fiercemighty

    If anyone has an extra ticket to any of the NY shows or Philly, you would make my life!
  13. fiercemighty

    Wow! The video really sold me on this song. It's beautifully shot. She's really pulling it out this era.
  14. fiercemighty

    I can't believe Silky got this far. I thought for certain the week she lip synced with Nina it would be a double elimination, as neither of them really pulled out all the stops for that. I think the producers have forced Ru to keep her on for drama. She hasn't grown, she hasn't even tried to make the improvements the judges have told her to make. She's just an expert extrovert. Anyway, my money is on Yvie, though I do agree with @RUADJAIthat she's been pushing her brand all season. I think many would say Brooklyn is the obvious winner, but Drag Race would do well not to crown yet another white queen.
  15. fiercemighty

    I saw elsewhere someone saying their request for tickets in Chicago had been accepted. I was starting to wonder if anyone in NY had experienced the same.