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  1. fiercemighty

    I can't believe Silky got this far. I thought for certain the week she lip synced with Nina it would be a double elimination, as neither of them really pulled out all the stops for that. I think the producers have forced Ru to keep her on for drama. She hasn't grown, she hasn't even tried to make the improvements the judges have told her to make. She's just an expert extrovert. Anyway, my money is on Yvie, though I do agree with @RUADJAIthat she's been pushing her brand all season. I think many would say Brooklyn is the obvious winner, but Drag Race would do well not to crown yet another white queen.
  2. fiercemighty

    I saw elsewhere someone saying their request for tickets in Chicago had been accepted. I was starting to wonder if anyone in NY had experienced the same.
  3. fiercemighty

    Count me in!!
  4. fiercemighty

    Is it possible the news of a controversial song being performed is to drum up interest in the performance?
  5. fiercemighty

    Wow! Great work @Bitch I’m Madonnathat was a good read!
  6. fiercemighty

    I don't care if the album doesn't come out until June, but I want build up. Release a few songs and videos first. A lot of artists do it this way nowadays and it's effective. It creates interest. One song and then a month late the album drops is just so lazy.
  7. fiercemighty

    I just saw this famous French film by Agnes Varda; I got the Criterion Collection DVD and after the film decided to take a look at the special features, in which I was surprised to find a 1993 interview on a French program with Madonna and Agnes Varda talking about how Madonna had optioned the rights to remake the film in the US. If you don't know the film, it is from 1962, takes place in Paris, and centers around a singer who is waiting to hear the results of a medical test. Over the course of two hours she moves throughout the city, encountering friends, and even a young soldier who accompanies her to the doctor's office to receive the results. Does anybody know anything about this? There's nothing on the film's wikipedia page. I wonder why Madonna never followed through on the film.
  8. I mean...could that be what the little black wig was for...?
  9. fiercemighty

    What is this from?
  10. fiercemighty

    I cannot believe those who are worried about M doing a song in Portuguese. You know not the entire world speaks English, right?
  11. fiercemighty

    I don't understand why it wasn't a part of the tour setlist either. It was a single after all. I was lucky enough that she performed it at the show I attended in Philadelphia, where the crowd was very receptive to it. It was a powerful moment in the show because it's such an emotional song.
  12. fiercemighty

    They undoubtedly had to sign an airtight NDA
  13. fiercemighty

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
  14. fiercemighty

    I would be curious to see the cover that ran in the end as well! EDIT: Not a remarkable cover