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  1. Monsieur X

    1. Music 2. American Pie 3. I Deserve It 4. Gone 5. Nobody’s Perfect 6. Don‘t Tell Me 7. Paradise (Not For Me) 8. Impressive Instant 9. What It Feels Like For A Girl 10. Amazing 11. Runaway Lover
  2. Monsieur X

    I‘m happy that I‘ve had at least the chance to see her for the first time live before she dies. No matter if it was the full show or the shorter one...Sunday was amazing. I hope she will recover from her injury soon.
  3. Monsieur X

    They didn’t want to give me this handwritten ticket, why?
  4. Monsieur X

    Looks very nice. Is the poster exactly 40,64x50,8cm or 41x51? On eBay are different Information..
  5. Monsieur X

    Can you post a picture of your framed poster? Where did you find a suitable frame?
  6. Monsieur X

    Anyone else with a post concert depression? :‘(
  7. Monsieur X

    2000€ by another German
  8. Monsieur X

    Despite the Elvis song she sang something in Portuguese, but I can’t remember the name of it.
  9. Monsieur X

    Saw her tonight for the first time, she was absolutely amazing. Loved the technical issue, because she sang two new songs we haven’t heard before accapella and the chat was even more intimate. She also danced a lot and her vocals were on point without autotune. I’m so happy I could die!
  10. Monsieur X

    Is the view from Mezzanine good?
  11. Monsieur X

    Do you think tonight’s show will be the short one?
  12. Monsieur X

    Is M coming when everybody’s in the venue?
  13. Monsieur X

    What time Madonna usually arrives?
  14. 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Masterpiece 3. Ghosttown 4. Give Me All Your Luvin 5. I don’t search I find
  15. Monsieur X

    Do you know where the back entrance of the theatre is or where she‘ll be arriving at what time?