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  1. 1. American Life 2. Miles Away 3. Sorry 4. Girl Gone Wild 5. Hung Up
  2. Miles Away La Isla Bonita Love Profusion Crave I Deserve It Masterpiece Devil Pray Nothing Fails Joan of Arc Rebel Heart Secret American Life Killers Who Are Partying Don‘t Tell Me Gone
  3. Monsieur X

    I want her to perform Sorry, Miles Away, Gone or I Deserve It but I guess that’d be too good to be true...Anyways rlly excited for next weeks show in Paris even though it’ll probably be the shortened.
  4. Monsieur X

    1. God Control 2. Extreme Occident 3. Dark Ballet 4. Future 5. I Don’t Search I Find 6. Medellín 7. Killers Who Are Partying 8. Looking For Mercy 9. Crave 10. Crazy 11. Faz Gostoso 12. Bitch I’m Loca 13. I Rise 14. Batuka 15. Come Alive
  5. Monsieur X

    Anyone has a spare ticket for feb 22nd?
  6. Monsieur X

    Anyone has a spare ticket for feb 22nd?
  7. Monsieur X

    Anyone else attending the show on February 23rd? I‘m so afraid because she doesn’t have a day off before :(
  8. Monsieur X

    American Life Best: American Life Worst: I'm So Stupid Confessions on a Dance Floor Best: Sorry Worst: How High Hard Candy Best: Miles Away Worst: Incredible MDNA Best: Girl Gone Wild Worst: I Fucked Up Rebel Heart Best: HeartBreakCity Worst: Bitch I‘m Madonna Madame X Best: God Control Worst: Batuka
  9. Monsieur X

    I‘ve got the clear vinyl but I want a solid sleeve haha
  10. Monsieur X

    The cover of my vinyl is damaged on the top - would universal refund me an opened record? And the plastic sleeve of the 7“ disc is ripped...
  11. Anyone else noticed that the inlay of the vinyl sticks out?
  12. Monsieur X

    I haven’t received my tickets yet. :/
  13. Monsieur X

    Medellín: 8/10 Dark Ballet: 9/10 God Control: 10/10 Future: 9/10 Batuka: 8/10 Killers Who Are Partying: 10/10 Crave: 9/10 Crazy: 8/10 Come Alive: 7/10 Extreme Occident: 10/10 Faz Gostoso: 9/10 97 Bitch I‘m Loca: 8/10 I Don’t Search I Find: 9/10 Looking For Mercy: 10/10 I Rise: 7/10 Best Madonna album since American Life! No bad songs at all... 9/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️