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  1. SeanP

    The video drops tomorrow.
  2. SeanP

    The point is that Madonna changes that. She do not need to be treated differently just because she's 60. Why not listen 60yr old no mater of your age??? I listen to Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, David Bowie that were old and now dead.
  3. And yes, now all that instagram post have sense.. like children choir and so on...
  4. LIKE A PRAYER + EROTICA + AMERICAN LIFE = MADAME X So politically heavy, religious and lush! I am shocked that album is so good, yet so not mainstream. It's strange, but in a good way... I was not expecting much from Batuka and Looking for Mercy...boy, was I surprised!! PURE MADONNA
  5. About the tour... She is doing this theater thing.... she will be 1 month just in New York. I do not see the point. Why not a classic Madonna concert, three dates at MSG and go on with rest of the world. MDNA tour was perfection!
  6. I love the video and me too get that slightly 90s vibe. I bet M would say something like: "no, it's not 1990s, it's now..." And it is hard comparing previous albums with Madame X. They are all different concepts and they are eras for themselves. For instance: Erotica is sensual and erotic period, Like A Prayer and MDNA are family/divorce albums, Ray Of Light is Kabbalah Madonna..
  7. I am Madonna fan, but even so I can not understand what is so good about FUTURE. Let's be realistic, the song is kinda stupid! The other three new songs are great! Crave I understand that performance will be some kind of apocalyptic and probably religious / political statement, but she could do that with other songs like GHOSTTOWN or even AMERICAN LIFE. But I do not underestimate her! She delivers the best!
  8. SeanP

    This was everything! I hope she does something as original as this! And here she did not look nervous at all, maybe cause there were no dancers, no IT equipment... just plain singing and choreography.
  9. SeanP

    the hair and the stage give me living for love vibe.... personally, I don't like that! at least she should do a black wig!
  10. SeanP

    blond ambition polka dot but the here style reminds me of living for love performances she should do at least black wig however, their chemistry is amazing!!
  11. I do not think so, if you mean for Billboards awards, cause for now she is just a cha cha instructor. But, you never know with M...
  12. SeanP

    I hope that her performance will not be basic and mainstream... just backup dancers and Maluma. Would like to see her full madame X... dressed like in the music video with riding crop in her hand. So fiercely! I would like to see her interacting with audience, teaching them cha cha cha. Also, beside the eye patch, she looked much like back in RH era in MTV interview. She should do something else for Billboard awards. Something new, bold, serious, dame-like...
  13. I liked this entrance very much. It's my second favorite after Blond Ambition Tour opener.
  14. Personally I love the track. It's kinda fresh and makes me smile when I hear it. I can't wait to see the video and I hope the performance will be original M performance that will make a standing ovation.
  15. She gets shit for almost everything she puts out. Always negativity! Blasphemous Like A Prayer, witch hunt for Erotica, "she's in a cult" during the Ray of Light era, American Life controversy... it's like everyone is forgetting effort she puts in all of her work...she's a real pro and hard worker! She is pushing her 60s and yet she is still in the game, singing, dancing, having fun! M is and can be inspiration on so many levels. Yes, I do love the song. It is somehow different, so why compare with anything before. Also, M is no stranger to this tropic/latino/spanish theme. She kinda' did it way before others. I'm interested in Medellin live performance...what is she gonna cook for us? 1 2 cha cha cha