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  1. mmm venice bitch is so perfect

  2. I love a lot about the album but whenever Madonna gets political I lose interest. I know she meant well, the sentiment is there but she isn't as articulate or informed as she believes so the message came out a bit garbled. It has a scrapbook feel to it, which I love. I remember there being a few stories at the time about the record company telling her the album was too avant garde, in my opinion her best work is when she takes risks.
  3. The full photo is of her lying upside down on the bed and my original LP and CD had her upside down so it just looks weird in the other way up pics.
  4. True Blue - Live To Tell Madonna - Physical Attraction Confessions On A Dancefloor - Get Together Like A Virgin - Stay Hard Candy - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Rebel Heart - Ghosttown Erotica - Bad Girl MDNA - Falling Free Ray Of Light - Skin Music - Gone American Life - Easy Ride Bedtime Stories - Secret Like A Prayer - Till Death Do Us Part
  5. there's a picture of you on my bedroom wall

    1. RUADJAI


      am i nekkid in it?

  6. I've always thought the first album should've been called Borderline

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    2. MadonnaXLB


      the original album was set to be called Lucky Star beforelucky%20star.jpg

    3. MadonnaXLB


      can anyone DM me the songs from the Lucky Sutar album

    4. Unruhe


      I think the only thing that changed is the name, the songs are the same

  7. One month to go until new Marina music

  8. I have a taste for danger

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    2. Frank


      Do I make you horny? ;-) :-P

    3. madgefan



    4. Winn


      If you're smart you'll run away.

  9. Best PC software for recording from vinyl? Audacity?

  10. I think the Ray of Light one is my favourite but they're soooooo cute
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