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  1. AMEN!!!!! I suggest to stop discussing with that guy, he tries hard to look like an insider in his “copy-paste” formula, just ignore him.
  2. What kind of information? How that song would sound? Mr S from Atrl first posted (A very real insider) , and then I found it here, and about Madonna performing that song in Eurovision lot of Fanpages posted first.
  3. Oh guy! All that information has been posted time before in Atrl, I supposed that the source when you take you “insider” info and then you come here with your copy-paste, you fight hard to be recognized as an “insider” and the question is ... a TRUE insider really want to be recognized like that? A REAL insider is really interested to be recognized like that? No, shut my mouth and post any information regarding any song that has not been mention but something strong like the lyrics no anything like “it’s a different sound” cause you use to use your phrase “that was the plan but then it changed” can you fool other but not me. I’m sorry.
  4. Dan90

    The song samples an old song right?
  5. It looks like “Future” would be remixed, Mike Dean deleted and then reposted this picture, in the first one the caption he wrote he was remixing the song
  6. Madame X not only got different looks but also different voices 👻
  7. The song is cool but I prefer Future, there is any part in Soltera that I thought 2 songs crossed at the same time but the song is like that, I’m still wondering why Madonna wants to change her voice in every single track, I think only in I Rise got her voice.
  8. Where to listen x2, then is it better than future?
  9. First part is only understandable for Spanish speakers (it contains sex reference) the translation is “She moves up, to the center and goes inside, she moves her hips, you know how is the move” Dale pa acá, guess does no have any sense in English , but it’s to similar to “come over here”
  10. Dan90

    Mr S was right once again
  11. What about future? I see people bitching the song already in Atrl
  12. What? The album from Maluma right? How the song sounds like? Is it good?
  13. Thanks god I don’t see any fan of the Spanish song.... that song really sucks the lyrics are terrible and non-sense
  14. No, Maluma will release the album in the USA mis-nite time, then it will be available in 24hrs
  15. Yes it is I speak Spanish and the song in the back says that ... sola, ella quiere estar soltera...” (means ”alone, she want to stay single..”)