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  1. Synchrone

    Maybe I just get so scared but Hereditary terrified me! I love horror films but this one was so scary it stayed with me for days after. Only a few other movies did that to me for example the exorcist
  2. I like his take if there was live auto tune could have been affecting the singing like Justin Bieber
  3. Synchrone

    Yay got my la tickets!
  4. Can someone explain does this mean Crave is being played on the radio or how does the AC chart wrk?
  5. I’ve been watching her counts and got worried about this. Future audio still has more views, I would have thought Crave video would definitely pass this in a day
  6. I love all of you who help those who know nothing how to stream or even stream properly!
  7. Synchrone

    I’ve always loved this one especially knowing how nervous she was
  8. Synchrone

    I liked the performance. Just my opinion her fillers and Botox have taken out too much expression in her face which could have made the performance more dramatic
  9. Synchrone

    Does anyone know what comes out in the US the same time as Madame X?
  10. Synchrone

    Random... but my friend loves old movies and thinks Madame X was in part inspired by the 1963 romantic comedy "Irma la Douce" starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine where Jack Lemmon's character Nestor adopts the alter ego "Lord X" to get the girl..with an eye patch too!
  11. Synchrone

    I want to try for the Vegas tickets too but I cannot pay more for expensive seats. The upper level mezzanine seats at the Colosseum are so cramped to me and not the best view. I wish she would play at the Park MGM theatre
  12. Synchrone

    I get a scary email today saying no confirmation for tickets but I was charged haha then this Dear Customer, We're very sorry to cause concern regarding your ticket request; your tickets and payment are safe, and the email you last received from us to the contrary was sent in error. We have double-checked your Request and your Request Confirmed email with seat locations is correct. Apologies, and hope you enjoy the show. Thank you, Ticketstoday Customer Service Team
  13. Synchrone

    I liked billboard award performance a lot, it was light and fun whereas Eurovision performance is what I love most about Madonna