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  1. Love all these mixes. But my god why can’t we just get them all. I hate how random these releases are.
  2. ....I can't remember then, it was like 2008 when I read that book, but I'm pretty sure hotels were listed his book "My Sister The Miser"
  3. Yeah, I think she sees them as a waste of money. Didn't she even fly economy NY to London recently, but have like the first 2 rows for her entourage. She also did the same flying London to Lisbon. I pretty sure she doesn't even stay in the very best hotels when she tours, wasn't her brother put up in a Holiday Inn during the Girlie Show?
  4. Wow she looks soooooo much better my god. If she penciled in her eyebrows, I’d believe those pics were from years ago. Really hope we’re not getting a rock section but I guess it’s pretty inevitable. As much as I love CPG I can say I’m that excited, we’ve already got the DWT performance
  5. It’s strange they say the Patty Hearst (who I’d never heard of) reference is “cliche” but then recommend going with a Che Guevara style headshot, isn’t that a cliche?
  6. But how was this shoot so expensive, it looks like it was just a studio, a couple of printed backgrounds and a flag, I know Craig McDean is a respected fashion photographer but he can't have been the highest paid at the time? Would love someone to share some outtakes one day. I really want to see the images with the red spray paint background and peg letter board.
  7. That’s her and Guy’s main issue, they’re too busy counting the dollars, they’ve forgotten about the art. It shouldn’t just be about profit. So far this reissue campaign seems to be about spending the very bare minimum. I’m sure it’s working for them as fans buy this crap regardless
  8. MadonnaInfinity provides a better celebration of 25 years. This new Sky Fits Heaven demo is glorious - M’s team could never 👎
  9. Sooooo lame 😹 Let me guess, that holographic card is only 10”x10” diameter and glued onto a generic blank white sleeve, blank spine and blank back cover. I’ll happily eat my words if I’m wrong this time.
  10. OMG - can't believe it! FINALLY! .....also looks like they've found the correct font
  11. Still need to listen to this on my headphone - exciting!! Thank you
  12. I understand why people now make these short mixes for playlists, but I can understand why they don't release full versions as well. It's a ok as a remix but it doesn't really go anywhere or build to a climax, also how can 3 DJ's be credited for this??! The 2005 remixes tower over this by comparison.
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