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  1. That's Madonna's way.........its been the bare, bare minimum for such a long time now it's just expected
  2. She doesn't have anything overrated. Her entire contribution to pop music is underrated, she's constantly left off "greatest.......", "most influential" lists
  3. OMG I’d never heard of DaBaby until he was featured on Levitating…..the guy was an asshole before his disgusting remarks about HIV, he shot dead a guy he thought was robbing him in a Walmart……..and Dua Lipa wants him to feature?!??? IMO if M should be removing anyone it should be (convicted rapist) Mike Tyson, why is he a feature???? Seriously don’t get it
  4. I've just watched it because of all the outrage. I'd never heard of him before. Editing him out would only prove the point he's trying to make
  5. At the end…..Kids hand-clapping “Bingo”, they say “I had a dog named Usher”
  6. She would’ve had a hit with Dua Lipa if it weren’t for that Blessed Madonna remix over the original - Guaranteed!
  7. Yeah I thought I'd seen it before. It's not very exciting
  8. I can live without more Offer Nissim type remixes. Considering how many remixes we've had from the MX era the quality has been rather poor..........personally I favour quality over quantity
  9. Can't wait for them to add the Deluxe Edition
  10. eeeewwww they're hideous. Of course its not real
  11. That's Billboard. M's credits have been fucked up since Rebel Heart
  12. But why? I'll never get my head round these things when it comes to Madonna. Doesn't she want to milk her fans?? Just imagine if Warner did a X2LPs with alternative covers, different coloured disc etc......fans would go crazy for that!
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