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  1. I had to turn Shangai Surprise off, and I never do that! Swept Away was a dogs dinner, but love the dream sequence, the Versace housewife styling and the soundtrack - there's some tunes on there - well, Mazzy Star and Goldfrapp
  2. London O2 Arena, trust me they have loads of ridiculously overpriced gross junk food that you can eat inside the venue - if that's what you're into
  3. I think I remember that iTunes LP/experience thing, but it's probably just us nerds that appreciate it I just wish I could look at digital artwork, lyrics and credits on my phone while listening to the albums - that would be so cool! Apple Music lets you view lyrics but no credits unless you're on a desktop, but it's all boring and generic
  4. I wish streaming platforms would enable some kind of visual interactive booklet/credits, seems like a no brainer to me
  5. Not a fan that mix apart from the breakdown bit at 4:25 - absolutely gorgeous!! She did the same with What It Feels Like For A Girl at 4:25 too, just love that blissful house sound, genius
  6. Sadly, last time I was there watching SZA, the people in front of me were sat down eating Pizza and Nachos, going back and forth through the entire show .........guys if you wanna eat just go to a restaurant, it's so much cheaper!!!
  7. I've got 2nd night tickets, but I'm gonna try my hardest to ignore the opening night so it's a total surprise (Only 24 hours - hopefully I can do it!). Never experienced it that way before.
  8. I only listen to Fabien Waltmann's mix of POG. With Don't Tell Me, it's all about Timo Mass and Calerone's Sensory Mix, while the others are quality mixes I just don't think they work that well. Wish we could get DJ Premier mix - obviously never gonna happen
  9. That’s because of continuity, it looks ridiculous when her hair and clothes change halfway through a song.
  10. Don’t forget about the Drowned World Tour, my audio rip from the dvd is stunning! Think it might be my favourite live album
  11. One of the issues is that they don’t make a separate audio for the live album. Maybe the crowd noises make more sense when you’re watching on a big screen with surround sound. Listening with headphones it just sounds ridiculous. Also never understand why they don’t edit the talking bit eg. Unapologetic Bitch, makes absolutely no sense when listening as an album
  12. I never understand why they don’t just take a soundboard recording of each night and just stitch the best vocal takes together.
  13. HATE with a passion. Wouldn't have any issue with them if they didn't affect her speech and singing. She sounds like she's halfway through a sandwich.
  14. She’s got so many with a lot of potential that I’d love to see spruced up one day! But these are the one I enjoy regularly, mostly because they sound semi-complete. Across The Sky - sounds perfect (not that final version with the fart noises) Revenge - would love to hear this cleaned up Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Ariso Liquid Love Between The Bars - I know it’s live but it’s beautiful La Petite Jeune Fille Lela Pala Tute Animal Boum If You Go Away It’s So Cool - 2002 with Kids Choir Queen - I mean it’s not even a demo!
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