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  1. WOW sorry but that looks shit. Why isn't it the full cover? Why is back just black? Spine? Glad I was put off by those shipping costs
  2. Well it’s pitched lower and slower……so I guess that pretty simple, unlike faster but the same pitch
  3. Hang on that’s not misheard. It’s a joke isn’t it?
  4. I like this idea a lot more! At least it would sound complete
  5. Hang on, people can say this it's shit and still be a Madonna mega-fan, it is possible!
  6. Yeah she looks better in this video........not much else to comment on. I don't hate the sound of this remix (I'm very tired of hearing it though), I just don't get how the production doesn't develop, that same 10 second loop just repeated again and again. Even Sickick's own remix had more layers to it. Couldn't M have featured on another verse, or joined in with the "to go, to stay, to leave, to pray" add in some new harmonising?? It's just a really boring song.
  7. If broke into her wardrobe, that leather hat would be the first for the bonfire!!
  8. Well, hopefully it'll show M's team this is the merchandise fans want and there's a HUGE market for it..............not pillows, candles, shot glasses and hideous apparel
  9. What the fuck. Not only is it $50 but shipping is $29.50........no thanks Such a shame. She actually made a piece of merchandise I wanted, but for a piece of cardboard, that's a joke.
  10. OMG, I actually want this………I get what everyone’s saying……but this is kinda cool and will look amazing (hopefully). It’s better than a t-shirt or mug with a logo and “10 Anniversary” written below
  11. I'm excited for the remix project if it's anything like Future Nostalgia - which I'm expecting it will be as Warner put that together too, so there's hope!
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