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  1. runpiggierun

    I guess her life in Lisbon paid off
  2. runpiggierun

    Target edition is back in stock bitches
  3. runpiggierun

    I think it's the music video for AL is political, as well as the album photoshoot, not necessarily the album itself. And it was the original MV for AL that got her album tanked and banned from radio.
  4. runpiggierun

    Do you think she speaks well? Is there an accent?
  5. runpiggierun

    Can't believe Looking for Mercy has become my fave now! The intro and verse are so hypnotizing. The Chorus is a little repetitive.
  6. runpiggierun

    AL not being played on radio was because she was banned by radio stations for political reasons. So it all comes down to politics.
  7. runpiggierun

    The Eurovisions performance made me hate Future more and more, it was embarrassing.
  8. runpiggierun

    There's also people hating Chinese here, so no surprise.
  9. runpiggierun

    Are you sure it doesn't mean it's all sold out? It's just not making any sense to not take preorders but still sell in stores.
  10. runpiggierun

    I got 1 warning for saying "where is everywhere" when everyone can tell I was being sarcastic, now I'm 1 warning away from getting banned. Is this a legal issue or a moral issue, you tell me.
  11. runpiggierun

    I'm not talking about posting links, I'm talking about asking where the leaks are when not evening gotten an answer.
  12. runpiggierun

    Sounds the same to me. Both result in the same - having the leaked songs in your PC illegally.
  13. runpiggierun

    How could you like a song you can't even hear? Lmao, sorry I can't tell, but maybe really sounds like Come Alive.
  14. runpiggierun

    Look at you! Banning people for wanting to hear her new songs while doing the same thing yourself. Hypocrite, sounds about right?
  15. runpiggierun

    Target edition is sold out... Now I regret cancelling my order weeks ago