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  1. Cameron L. Mitchell

    Late to the game, but I thought she sounded fine. It's not her best vocal, but it's fine. I liked the staging - and don't mind that it was similar to the Met Gala. I'm more curious than ever about Dark Ballet now too. Oh, and I'm liking Future better after seeing this, so there's that.
  2. Cameron L. Mitchell

    Maybe so! I always love meeting other Madonna fans. I'm dragging my bf along .. he's not as big a fan as me, but he's excited. It's his first time seeing her live.
  3. Cameron L. Mitchell

    The album rollout for Madame X is super exciting .. so thankful for all the visuals, the live performances, etc
  4. Cameron L. Mitchell

    Crave I Rise Medellin Future ... as of now, anyway
  5. Cameron L. Mitchell

    The vocals are mostly fine, although I hope there are tracks with less vocodor. I like Madonna's less filtered voice. The autotuning/vocodor effects can be a bit much at times.
  6. Cameron L. Mitchell

    Having only listened to Future a few times, it's sort of just ok for me. I'm hoping it grows on me like Crave did. I can appreciate how different it sounds from the other tracks that have been released.
  7. Cameron L. Mitchell

    As far as I can tell, the boxed set isn't available in the US?? I can find it on Amazon, but it's still listed as unavailable ..
  8. Cameron L. Mitchell

    OMG, I'm so excited! I finally got my confirmation for 2 tickets in Brooklyn - for the very last night!! And now I'm totally broke ...
  9. Cameron L. Mitchell

    I just read that a rumor is circulating that she'll be performing Crave, Future, and Like a Prayer .. not sure how reliable the source is
  10. Cameron L. Mitchell

    I get a Secret vibe from the song and video too .. Secret (both the song and video) are much better, but I like the vibe of Crave
  11. Cameron L. Mitchell

    This video is great! It's simple but effective - and more cohesive than Medellin.
  12. Cameron L. Mitchell

    Looking forward to this performance .. it'll be the first time I've paid attention to anything Eurovision-related - hope there are high-quality videos of the performance soon - if not a live broadcast
  13. Cameron L. Mitchell

    Any idea if we'll get the Crave video in the next week or so? It seems they're working fast to get it out there ..
  14. Cameron L. Mitchell

    In a very unscientific Twitter poll, I asked which MadameX track is the favorite thus far .. the results (only 79 votes): Crave - 50% Medellin - 30% I Rise - 20% I'm digging Crave .. but it's definitely not for everyone. A friend (who's also a big M fan) says it's his least favorite single of hers ever.
  15. Cameron L. Mitchell

    I'd love to see more 90s tracks included - sort of like how the 80s seemed to be the focus on the older songs in Rebel Heart. Maybe she'll actually sing 'Rescue Me' this time around .. that would be an amazing surprise. I'm also dying for her to one day sing 'Bad Girl' on tour .. but I fear she might have forgotten the song exists