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  1. What’s on the vinyl with the “M” on it?
  2. Lilalo

    Those late start times apparently has done her no favors over the last 2 tours, it has come and caught up with her it seems.
  3. Lilalo

    It says section pit AAA seat 41? And 41? ;) so yes , I bought that package. Anyone else? It mentioned nothing about the backstage tour.
  4. Lilalo

    Got Medellin package! There was no detailed information on how it works for the tour of backstage, did anyone else get this package and have any details?
  5. Lilalo

    Somebody better tell me where to hear all these clips before I go batshi$ Nikki Finn crazy on you all.
  6. Lilalo

    Where do you find these snippets on Instagram?
  7. Lilalo

    Thanks for that info, so does that mean there won’t be any kind of general sale at face value prices?
  8. Lilalo

    What’s this “Platinum” thing on Ticketmaster? Are these tickets people already bought and trying to resell them? Is there going to be a public sale for what, if any tickets/packages left at regular prices?
  9. Lilalo

    Just out of curiosity, did you try for the Medellín package?
  10. Lilalo

    Did anybody sign up for any of the VIP packages and not get them? Or did everyone who got notified only sign up for just tickets?
  11. Lilalo

    Has anyone gotten a confirmation yet on any of the “VIP Packages” or just individual tickets?
  12. Lilalo

    Thanks for the info, did you sign up for any of the packages? I’m just curious, because I’ve only signed up for one date and for the Medellín package, only (2) and heard nothing as of today.
  13. Lilalo

    How did you sign up? As a icon legacy member?