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  1. Just arrived ,packed perfectly and the complete MDNA gatefold vinyl fits into it perfectly as well.
  2. luckily i have the original 12' vinyl of CAC from 1987, actually i have just about all original 12' vinyl s from Everybody to Rescue Me, plus the first four albums (LAP) still smells as well as Visionquest sndtrk, WTG sndtrk and Immaculate , and i find all the original pressings to sound better than the latest pressings, maybe one day ill auction them all off ;)
  3. i also ordered the 6lp on madonna.com with the lithograph, but the pic on my order for the lithograph is the cover as the 6lp, which one is the correct one?
  4. There is also a place in Atlanta, GA shipping within the US states only, Criminal Records -phone (404) 215-9511
  5. Sadly her powerhouse touring days are over, she and she alone has completely destroyed it by her unapologetic continuous extremely late start times, from stadiums, to arenas , to halls, people will not forget that, but nonetheless, I’ll be there for the next tour, whatever shape that may take form of.
  6. Next up should be # justiceForHOLIDAY top 10, the words have never wrung truer,especially now “Everybody spread the word We're gonna have a celebration All across the world In every nation It's time for the good times Forget about the bad times One day to come together To release the pressure We need a HOLIDAY We can turn this world around And bring back all of those happy days Put your troubles down It's time to celebrate Let love shine”
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