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  1. Is the remix on iTunes, I only see the album version
  2. Lilalo

    Next up should be # justiceForHOLIDAY top 10, the words have never wrung truer,especially now “Everybody spread the word We're gonna have a celebration All across the world In every nation It's time for the good times Forget about the bad times One day to come together To release the pressure We need a HOLIDAY We can turn this world around And bring back all of those happy days Put your troubles down It's time to celebrate Let love shine”
  3. Lilalo

    I don’t know when your show was , but I just got mine 12/24 from the 10/17 show in Chicago
  4. Lilalo

    Just received my VIP book , I attended the Chicago show on 10/17
  5. Lilalo

    Who do you email to inquirie about it?
  6. Lilalo

    Has anyone who went to the NY or Chicago shows received the VIP book or any emails about it? Also, what happened to the picture they took of the group on the backstage tour of the Medellin package? Anyone ever get to see it, info on it, got it etc?
  7. Lilalo

    Has there been any new “news/updates” or anyone got the VIP gifts that came with the packages?
  8. Lilalo

    figured it out, here’s a pic ;)
  9. Lilalo

    Im a bit behind but I attended the 10/17 Chicago show and it was FANTASTIC, won’t go into the show details since it’s pretty much all been posted, but I had the Medellín package, we were advised to meet on the side of the theatre at about 630-645ish, I’d say there was maybe about 15-20 of us, when we were let in we got to keep our phones and head to the merchandise (bought the program and shot glass) already got a shirt thru We were then brought upstairs to the VIP area where there was light appetizers and beer and wine, we “befriended” one of the girls who worked there who was FANTASTIC with us, played and joked with us the whole time we were up there, I’d say we got to stay up there til about 10ish, the backstage tour only had 12 of us, a little confused on what to do , eventually a guy came around walking around and asked if we had the backstage tour, a little odd since it seemed like anyone could have said yes, but by listening to him talking to the other guy who worked there he knew EXACTLY how many he was waiting on, he took us all around the backstage console room and met one of the audio controllers I believe,then saw the moving stairs ,desk,type writer, etc, all in all, great experience, we were then brought back out to the main area , we went back to the spot that was roped off by the girl who worked there and she let us “in and out “the whole rest of the time, I think we could have even stayed longer if we wanted to because we left to go to our seats on our own without being told too, also met a guy while upstairs,though he wasn’t Medellín package he was VIP and was a row behind us to my left,very kind, got me a bottled water when I was “thirsty” lol. So all in all a great experience, though,,,,,,,,,I had a moment, as slight as it is and as embarrassed as I am about it, lol I’ll share it nonetheless, during the show when things slowed down for a moment , while she was talking I “kinda” yawned , only a “bit” ,she turned to me and said “I saw that, is it past your bedtime “ I was mortified,,mortified and said NOTHING and let my friend laugh at my expense (bahstad) lol, people were asking me on the way out if I was the “yawner” lol. So all in all money WELL SPENT, if I was to have something to say , like playing “devils advocate “ advice is that we were SO CLOSE to the stage u couldn’t see the words typed behind on the screens so well, small price I know but just want to share what my thoughts were at “that” “moment” So that’s my GREAT EXPERIENCE, I have a pic of me, my friend, the gentleman who bought me a water and the girl who worked there who was FANTASTIC, I just can’t figure out how to post it ;(
  10. Lilalo

    Actually, the MOST unpredictable thing she can do at this point IS do a greatest hits tour with their ORIGINAL arrangements, we have all come to EXPECT her to be sparse on hits, the hits she does do WILL BE more than likely rearranged, and the show itself WILL BE the USUAL four themed segments, so yeah, SHOCK the world and do an UNALTERED greatest hits tour, it’s not like ANYONE has heard them in their original form in years or EVEN decades. ;) not to mention one RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER!
  11. Lilalo

    Could you tell me a little bit more of the Medellín package? Like , do you get an email ahead of time for anything you need to do , where/when to enter? Do you get to keep your phones for a bit while in the VIP room and before the tour starts ? What time does it start and end? Do they keep it going (VIP room) closer to the showtime since she starts late? Is there early access to the merchandise for sale ? Any other info you could share would be great and appreciated, I have this package for a date in Chicago and would like to know as much as I can so I know what to do when I get there, ;) thanks.
  12. Lilalo

    has anyone got the shirt that has long sleeves and looks like it has passport stamps on the front?
  13. Lilalo

    Anyone know what the “gift” was with any of the packages? And did anyone have the Medellín package with the backstage tour?
  14. What’s on the vinyl with the “M” on it?
  15. Lilalo

    Those late start times apparently has done her no favors over the last 2 tours, it has come and caught up with her it seems.