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  1. Haha, sorry - was sure that honey Dijon and misshaped were drag queens 😂😂 got my queens confused
  2. edit: nevermind this post 🤪
  3. What's up with the weird sound shift in "Can't Stop" on iTunes at approx  45 seconds in? Anyone else noticed?

    1. ITG


      It goes louder right?

      That is how its been since the beginning of time! Original CD is the same

    2. Nahual


      I thought it was just a problem on my copy of the song. At least I'm not alone.

  4. uhm...where do you see the seats? I couldn't see that option in my hurry :P ...and it doesn't say anything on my ticket
  5. According to reports, it was "Like A Prayer" and its imagery they had an issue with.....
  6. i like it! (and love the look!) It reminds me of a 2019 version of Borderline
  7. If these covers are real- I guess they’re going for a simplistic look, and the weirdness is intended. In such case, I do get what they’re going for- it should just have been executed better...right now it looks a photoshop newbie has created it. But, hopefully the album will be awesome despite these rumored designs. I do like this picture better than the other though...it IS very Frida Kahlo like ☺️ All (?) will be answered on Wednesday
  8. Doesn't anyone find it weird that nothing has been posted on Icon yet? (Except for the front page)
  9. so, I signed in for the pre-order thing, but all i'm getting is the M Essentials; no tracklist...
  10. didn't MTV post a teaser with the hashtag "ema's"? She hasn't done that in a while...
  11. Let's hope she wants to keep the physical format alive, and releases a whole (tiny?) bunch
  12. It seems the promotion is spot on this time, and I truly hope they continue this path. Making it mysterious, wanted, needed...and i hope there will be physical releases too, not just digital
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