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  1. Ugh, I wish she’d just suck it up and release the S&S 2009 remix already. It’s just sooo much better than these two.
  2. Haha, sorry - was sure that honey Dijon and misshaped were drag queens ?? got my queens confused
  3. What's up with the weird sound shift in "Can't Stop" on iTunes at approx  45 seconds in? Anyone else noticed?

    1. ITG


      It goes louder right?

      That is how its been since the beginning of time! Original CD is the same

    2. Nahual


      I thought it was just a problem on my copy of the song. At least I'm not alone.

  4. Hm, so I was so sure Brendon Urie (Panic At The Disco!) was singing "sweaty balls under desert skies" in L.A. Devotee (and I thought, well, yeah that makes sense, but still a weird lyric)....

    He's actually singing "swimming pools under desert skies" :lol: #misheardlyrics

  5. Not the best, but here's your gold tooth @@Andymad :P
  6. Haha, thank you, but it's not You did an excellent job of seeing the potential in that image, and the idea is totally yours Once the layers are there, you can basically do the same treatment to any image, and that's what I did with the other two
  7. There was no shade intended, my point was just that it's easy to make, (meaning someone else will probably still do it the same way) and it was good idea, so I decided to post it without a watermark
  8. ...made in less than 10 minutes in Photoshop. feel free to share, or whatever you want to do. No watermark here (no disrespect to madgeslave) Added some other quick versions too.
  9. I totally agree, and I think this post (as with many others) is flipping the bird to everybody being caught up in her use of botox and fillers or whatever, and that they think she's so desperate to look young. This proves them wrong, and possibly shows that she's not that 'obsessed', and not afraid to show her true age. Sure, the post can be unflattering - but only for those obsessed with how she, or anyone should look or portray themselves on social media. I'm proud of her for not being afraid, and showing that not everything is "glitz and glam" all the time (as we all know is what people use social media for, when the reality is much different).
  10. The first version we heard of "Rebel Heart" (Demo 4) should have been the first single- as well as being on the album!
  11. Pay attention around the 1 minute mark 😊

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    2. Breathless
    3. jump8


      Yup! Thought it was cool that they used that as background music for this special :)

    4. James19709


      I wish we had a music video for it

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