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  1. Haseena

    Aww I hope you can make it! I’ve been looking as well but not seen anything below £250.
  2. Haseena

    Does anyone know where the Palladium box office is and whether they do on the day tickets? I’ve been able to find some on Ticketmaster but they’re always the expensive ones.
  3. Haseena

    Which website are you referring to? Yeah I’ve been checking Ticketmaster on the day and they haven’t reduced any of the prices. I always hear about this dynamic pricing and unsold seats going for cheap close to the time, but I’ve never seen it myself.
  4. Haseena

    Great review, @Enrico I can imagine Vogue working better as the opener. The typewriter intro kinda goes on too long and no one was really gagging for it. God Control, Dark Ballet and Human Nature are all strong performances (especially the latter) but it would work better as act two of the show. The spy element of Vogue/I Don’t Search makes for a more powerful opening. I also felt less atmosphere up in the dress circle for Lisbon. The good thing about everyone sitting down was that we we could see perfectly from the back row and were up dancing the whole time without having to worry about blocking anyones view.
  5. Haseena

    Do we know of any Iconers that have actually won the Madonna.com daily contest to win tickets? I feel like I’m just wasting my time everyday by sending in a pic...
  6. Haseena

    Maybe he means 7 more cuts Soon the show will just be the fado section and I Rise.
  7. Haseena

    Tonight would be the first time she’s done two consecutive nights since the American leg.
  8. Haseena

    So she did come on around 8.30 then? I’m gagged.
  9. Haseena

    Thank you! I literally saw it with 2 minutes to spare so sent them the first selfie I could throw together. Do you think they’ll have a ‘task’ for each show then?
  10. Haseena

    Just to confirm, there’s no ticket lottery for the London shows? Can’t see anything on Madonna.com
  11. Haseena

    I didn’t have any issues with the pacing of the show. My main change would be to INCLUDE Crave in some form. The remix (which is now cut) is such a misstep. Just use something from Confessions if you’re so desperate to have a disco section. I would happily have her perform Crave three times in the show: original, acoustic and MNEK remix. I was devastated it was cut. Other changes: Theres literally no point including that spoken word version of Rescue Me. There was no resemblance to the original song other than the lyrics. God Control wasn’t the best opener. It felt like more of an act opener. The typewriter thing went on too long and was then wheeled out too many times later in the show.
  12. Haseena

    Will there be a ticket lottery for the London shows?
  13. Haseena

    Just left the venue. She cut Crave for some bizarre reason.
  14. Haseena

    She just posted a video from the living room sessions and she’s mobilising with a cane... no mention of tonight.
  15. Haseena

    Have any fans commented on whether there’s less choreo and being flung around due to her knee?