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  1. AMAZING! I'd buy that in a heartbeat (or quicker!) You should send it to Guy O to have a look at.
  2. I'd love to see Madonna do a proper Greatest Hits Tour and really dip into her back-catalogue and keep the sounds of each era. THE IMMACULATE TOUR Act One: What Are You Looking At? Intro (Career Montage) Vogue Express Yourself / Causin' A Commotion Papa Don't Preach Crazy For You Video Interlude: Everybody / Lucky Star Act Two: Who's That Girl? Medellin La Isla Bonita / Who's That Girl Material Girl / Like A Virgin / Burning Up Beautiful Stranger Video Interlude: Justify My Love Act Three: Rescue Me Deeper & Deeper Erotica / Waiting / Bad Girl Hanky Panky Secret Take A Bow / You'll See Video Interlude: Music Act Four: Only When I'm Dancing Into The Groove / Open Your Heart Hung Up Give It 2 Me Celebration Video Interlude: I RIse Act Five: Future Future I Don't Search I Find Ray Of Light Don't Tell Me Video Interlude: Cherish Encore: Love Is All We Need This Used To Be My Playground I'll Remember / Crazy For You Nothing Really Matters Like A Prayer
  3. I actually heard Medellin the other day on Radio 2
  4. can you send me the track dark ballet please!!

  5. Has anyone else managed to order the MDNA Roller to the UK?

  6. Hope we get a reveal each day over next 10 days.  Although I think the X is part of "LX" which is 60 in Roman numerals and an abbreviation for Lisbon.

    1. Dazedmadonna
    2. Betuncba
    3. Guest


      LX can also mean light as in "LUX", latin for Light. But more than likely yes, MDNA skin stuff. Their site usually posts a large 9-post picture like that.

  7. Lost all my Safari Bookmarks.  Had a really good MP3 site that I've now lost and can't remember what its called.  It was MP3 something - black background.  Anyone know it?

  8. Technically Madonna-is, but I do listen to the W.E. Soundtrack a lot when I'm cooking. But I tend to default to Ray of Light.
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