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  1. P A P i

    Just watched it. Really enjoyed it and was good to hear about where the songs comes from. Beautifully shot. Could have done with some actual studio footage too and the music videos to round it up.
  2. P A P i

    Thought it was a very hard hitting video done well by Jonas and M. It could have been an absolute car crash, but I think it hit the right tone here that will hopefully raise the profile for Gun Control in America.
  3. P A P i

    Now THAT was a great appearance. Fun. Shame she wasn't like that for Graham Norton of her fellow guests.
  4. She needs to stop taking herself so serious, relax and also show some humility for goodness sake. That was a car crash of an interview and the interactions with other guests was just awful.
  5. Oh I like Come Alive. It's Batuka I'm still not able to get into. Although I'm liking the outro more.
  6. Will the 2CD edition with the 3 bonus tracks be available in stores? Or is it just an online thing? Wonder if she'll do a Madame X EP on iTunes like she did for Rebel Heart bonus tracks?
  7. I've been playing it on Spotify all morning :-)
  8. Can't wait to see GN tonight and the Audience with whenever it's released.
  9. My Rainbow from my Vinyl Instagram Account ...
  10. My Rainbow Vinyl has just been delivered :-). It's sooooo cool. Looks better than the pics.
  11. Maybe its a grower, but right now...mmm, least fave for sure.
  12. Exactly! I can't stand Birthday Song either. Dire at best.
  13. I really love the album, but I just can't seem to get into Batuka (even in HQ). Anyone else? Definitely my least favourite.
  14. Soltera has really grown on me. Better than Batuka IMO.