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  1. slowdownpapi

    why are you even here?
  2. slowdownpapi

    In response to the above and fellow posters who's say she should "revist the 80's" or put on a greatest hits show I really struggle to understand how you're still fans 'cos you really don't get what she's about and why she's still here after 30+ years. Critique the show, the lateness, the shorter shows, whatever but to still be complaining she looks forward not back? As she says, "Not everyone is coming to the future" "I'm not your bitch, don't hang your shit on me" + "This is who I am, You can like it or not" Feel like these lyrics could've been written for fans who project what they want onto her. You're in for constant disappointment, maybe go stan Cher with her endless hits tours?
  3. slowdownpapi

    My full show recording (Thurs 13th Feb) will be uploaded soon by @Fighterwho's done a great job with it
  4. slowdownpapi

    Thurs 13th Feb, my recording
  5. slowdownpapi

    This is Hallelujah (it was just a snippet "a private joke" as she says, as it followed her getting off the piano). She then goes on to say "you c*nt hit a moving c*unt"
  6. slowdownpapi

    You're welcome ;)
  7. slowdownpapi

    I have 2 x FRONT ROW tickets for Paris on Sat 29th. Row B, Orchestre. No set price PM me if interested. The good thing about Paris tickets is you can change name/address in ticketmaster account and download again. Paypal/guaranteed and refundable if cancelled.
  8. slowdownpapi

    (omg) i wouldn't have been (lol)
  9. slowdownpapi

    She's owes you (or me, or anyone else) absolutely NOTHING. Life is really quite simple; if you don't like something, don't engage with it. Unless you're a masochist. You're right that a forum is a place to share all opinions and you're welcome to yours but why continually disparage something you haven't seen (no, you can't base a critique of a live show on set-list alone). I suspect most fans aren't thrilled with the set-list but M is putting on a tour, still performing, still creating and doing it in a setting where we can get closer to her as a person that we've even been able to before. I'd hear her sing Candy Shop all night for that... try and find the joy, please.
  10. slowdownpapi

    Then ... er, don't.
  11. slowdownpapi

    Welcome to planet earth, when did you arrive?
  12. slowdownpapi

    They just sent more codes, grabbed mine
  13. can i have your code for Paris ? I want just one ticket for one of the 2 last shows


    Danton from Paris

    1. slowdownpapi


      My code will only work for the 27th (not the last 2)

  14. slowdownpapi

    I think my code still work for Thurs 27th if anyone wants it.