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  1. She tagged him on Insta
  2. FofiX

    I believe yes..I ordered t-shirt bundle with the CD, Medellin t shirt and the cassette with the eyepatch..And I have not heard anything from her UK store yet.
  3. FofiX

    Yes, 2 different shows. Graham Norton Show will be filmed in White City, "an evening with Madonna" at the Alexandra Palace. I can see that the latter would be start around 10 PM 😁
  4. FofiX

    Are u sure? According to the theater's site, doors open at 9.15PM.
  5. Does anybody know that this magazine would be available somewhere in London?
  6. FofiX

    UK exclusive blue transparent cassette has been added to her UK shop*/*/Madame-X-Blue-Transparent-Cassette-UK-EXCLUSIVE/660T0000000
  7. FofiX

    3 new dates
  8. FofiX

    You can buy total 4 tickets with one code. You can decide that these 4 tickets purchased for the same night, or even for four different shows. It won't cancel your already bought tickets. I'm not sure why ticketmaster says that every shows are sold out, tickets are clearly still available...
  9. FofiX

    New dates sor Lisbon has been announced for 22nd and 23rd January. Tickets go on sale this friday.
  10. FofiX

    After like 100 refresh, I got ticket for the 5th row in front of the stage.
  11. FofiX

    When I open the link they sent I got the the below. Anyone has the same? The event is not for the moment opened for bookings. This page will not give access to reservations . Please retry again later . Thank you for your comprehension Should I refresh? Or am I already in the queue?
  12. FofiX

    I don't think that will happen..yesterday I was at the Royal Albert Hall for Mimi and they checked the seats what you bought and you couldn't leave that spot, but you were able to stand up. They won't let you run.. you will sit/stand where your seat is