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  1. apj

    She’s talked of injuries relating to her knee and hip
  2. apj

    She asked for a chair for the Polaroid section last night and spoke about her pain a few times during the night, mentioned her doctor says she should be in bed. There was some security thing going on directly in front of me during the whole moved to Portugal speech part, they kept telling this woman from a few rows behind me to come down, caught taking photos I guess. The view from the front row (B as A wasn’t used) of the side central balcony wasn’t the best, missed stuff that was happening on the left of the stage and not high enough to see over people standing in the floor section unless you stand too - fortunately people behind weren’t tapping me on the shoulder to sit down as happened at Thursday’s show when I was in the floor section.
  3. apj

    I don’t think so, not that I heard anyway
  4. apj

    Glad you managed to sell them
  5. apj

    normally, if i'm using ticketswap, i just share the link on twitter and make sure i add any relevant hashtags i think it needs to help people find it
  6. apj

    maybe TicketSwap? and post the link on twitter. There might be more movement though on Viagogo and Stubhub now that the eu leg has started and the dates are all sold out on bol.pt (except for 14th)
  7. apj

    Live Nation UK mentioned transfer option on twitter a few days ago, i guess it's still waiting to be implemented at Ticketmaster's end.
  8. apj

    Having done my free trial of Disney Plus, to me it does not seem like a good fit for Madonna at all, though of course it's still in its infancy. Also, it doesn't seem likely she signed a 5 year partnership with Disney without it making the news. Maybe they are things all in discussion but not a done deal. With rumours involving Netflix, Amazon Prime and now Disney Plus circulating the various Madonna message boards, I'm wondering when Apple TV+ will enter the discussion. (Maybe it already has but I missed it). I just got a free year's trial with their service and they could definitely do with some more content.
  9. apj

    probably Lisbon will be the latest as the ticketed start time was always 9:30 (as opposed to 8:30 for London & Paris). I guess in Madonna time that means 11:30 or later but we'll find out soon enough..
  10. apj

    they're back on the website now
  11. apj

    If it's bad news we'll probably find out today as they generally like to do that on a Friday. Someone on Icon though suggested it might be an indication of shows being filmed, taken off sale while they work out camera positions.
  12. apj

    I don't think so, that would really be a terrible move given the date was announced over a year ago. (February 9 not 7, but i guess that's what you meant) ..it's hard to be certain though what with the poor planning of this tour.
  13. apj

    since 20th December I've not been getting any responses to my emails about my missing order from the US madonna store, what can I do???
  14. apj

    Unfortunately in the absence of any explanation people will speculate and make things up ..actually even when a reason is given people still do that.