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  1. apj

    i'm still waiting. i don't think i'll be ordering from the US store again
  2. apj

    that's strange as i just read on another message board it was not performed
  3. apj

    not sure what you mean. nothing out of the ordinary that i can see.
  4. apj

    They've converted more VIP tickets to regular this afternoon - from 25 Feb onwards if anyone's interested.
  5. apj

    yeah it's not always easy to gauge, especially with larger venues and productions. those attendance figures look pretty good though compared to other concerts held there.
  6. apj

    https://www.madonna.com/news/title/boston-madame-x-hearts-you BOSTON! MADAME X HEARTS YOU! December 05, 2019 As previously announced and per doctor’s orders, Madonna had to cancel her scheduled Madame X tour shows in Boston so she can "come back stronger and better" for the upcoming Philadelphia ones. And since Madame X is… bringing light to dark places, she decided that: 1. All fans who originally purchased a VIP package to one of the cancelled Boston shows will be mailed a copy of the Madame X VIP book! 2. If you had tickets to one of the Boston shows and are able to attend the December 10 one in Philadelphia, please let us know by emailing madamex@madonna.com with your original Boston ticket order confirmation before 4pm on December 8th, using « Madame X, I’m Philly Ready! » as your email’s subject line. You never know what may happen! Hope to see you on the road! The Madame X team
  7. apj

    still waiting.. i emailed them and they weren't much help, said it can take up to 24 business days to be delivered
  8. apj

    As i understand it, Billboard just report the numbers that are given to them. The obvious discrepancy in some attendance totals compared to venue capacity, together with first hand experience from shows has lead some to speculate a sell out number is anything equal to or higher than a target figure the promoter had in mind. This seems like a reasonable theory but really that's all it is. So basically a show is sold out when the promoter says it is.
  9. apj

    I haven't received an email yet either but here's their online form: https://help.ticketmaster.fr/hc/en-us/requests/new Or if you received hard-printed or collector tickets go here: https://help.ticketmaster.fr/hc/en-us/articles/360007219273
  10. apj

    Below are the current availabilities for Paris
  11. apj

    madonna.com has now updated with news of the Paris and London changes
  12. apj

    I expect the first London show will be postponed to 16th Feb
  13. apj

    original tickets are valid for the new dates, ie 18th Feb for 10th Mar and 19th Feb for 11th Mar. Or you can request a refund.
  14. apj

    tbh I was expecting my show 18th to be cancelled so would have just gone to 19th instead as am in Paris both nights, now I'm not sure what to do...
  15. apj

    the same, just the picture was different