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  1. apj

    I received an email on Sunday that my request has been submitted to the accounting department. (mar 11 ticket, refund requested mar 9)
  2. apj

    they are especially bad at the moment due to the number of events cancelled. you should have at least got an auto-reply after submitting the online request form though, unless you had to post something back.
  3. apj

    officially cancelled per madonna.com news page
  4. apj

    Just an error
  5. apj

    some good tickets just released on TM for the last few shows
  6. apj

    i think their number is +33149975191, don't know what the call rates are though
  7. apj

    yes, it says on the ticket only valid if printed
  8. apj

    i think Rebel Heart was probably my favourite of the last few tours she's done
  9. apj

    personally i wouldn't want to miss one ..i think part of that comes from growing up in Australia watching the TV broadcasts of WTG and BA tours and being extremely jealous i was missing out
  10. apj

    Taking it literally, it probably is her worst 'tour' - the poor planning, rescheduled dates, cancellations, injuries, cut shows, limited cities, ticket prices, that ridiculous ticket lottery for US dates.. As for the show itself, well that's more subjective and in defence of those who have an opinion on it but haven't been, I have to say, my opinion after having seen it wasn't too different from my opinion before.
  11. apj

    it's there now
  12. apj

    possibly, though i think most people would count it 6 weeks till the end of the tour
  13. apj

    ordinarily yes but for this you can only purchase through Ticketmaster
  14. apj

    yeah i think they have a max of 20 standing places and they would have gone quickly at the cheapest price
  15. apj

    probably not as they are sold places. the view's not good though because of the dress circle overhang