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  1. is that still going to happen, how is it going down, accepted my tickets today but no mention in the ticketmaster emails about it.
  2. sba83

    It is confusing but I'm glad it's a lottery system and not first come first served. Much more fair that way, I could never afford a scalped ticket. Monday is a major holiday here in the states, don't know how much of a factor that will play in ticket allocation but livenation did push back there notification date to June 3rd on so be prepared for a longer wait. At least you're not alone, I'll be hoping and waiting just like you 😉
  3. sba83

    I just had to request a ticket on a 3 day weekend lol I hope it doesn't extend the wait..ugh just want to plan the trip already. Requested a ticket for the Saturday vegas show and will be flying from Hawaii. Flights always fill quickly from here to there which is just adding to the anxiety. I'm gonna be refreshing my bank app all weekend to see if the charge pops up. Thanks for the replies 🤗
  4. sba83

    Madonnas official forum is not working so posting this question here. How long did it take for people who requested public request tickets to get confirmation. I know June 3rd is the deadline ticketmaster said it would give confirmation but was wondering if confirmations can come before the deadline they set or only on that day. Just a curious and impatient fan waiting to know if he got selected. Please share your experiences. Reading them will help me get through the week long wait. Its only been a few hours since the deadline closed but I'm already dying to know if I'm going. Thanks and good luck to everyone who requested in this latest round, I hope we all get to see our idol on this tour or her next.