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  1. Spotify vs Apple music vs phisical copy vs iTunes Flac vs digital copy (merchandise link)...which is the best quality for having the first listening with earphone tomorrow?
  2. Ro.bodyknowsme

    The snippet of "Esther do you like the music...esther" has made the final cut?
  3. Ro.bodyknowsme

    No, nothing. Maybe because i'm from europe. Have you received yet? I only have hade the Medellin dowload after buying on the madonna store. Speaking of Amazon, a digital version is included with the boxset the day of release?
  4. Ro.bodyknowsme

    I ordered vinyl + tshirt from official madonna store and tour tickets for Paris but i haven't received yet any info about album dowload. Do you think it's something only for U.S people or also for Europe? Will the items from official merchandise be shipped just in time for the release date or we are going to receive later?
  5. Ro.bodyknowsme

    There is a plan where we can see seats of cat3? I know it's not assigend and numered but i want know where are supposed to be like an area on the seating map
  6. Ro.bodyknowsme it's very different from uk version....where is the countdown and why it doesen't show yet the categories that could be unloacked with the code? Is Everyone seeing that the only sale date is 5/28 and not today?