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  1. I hope it’s Florence Pugh. Watching her in Black Widow and Hawkeye I was convinced.
  2. Just amazing. I hope you have a good day job doing graphic design.
  3. “Who’s everybody?! Melissa and Keith!? They HATE you!!” https://youtu.be/JfzgkyjltgM
  4. *Alien lands on earth.* *Opens this thread.* *Leaves earth.*
  5. Love all these, and want to add the awesome end of Extreme Occident where she's singing "WiiiIIIiIiild is the wooOOorld and lonely is the paaaath... to coooommme... to yooooouuuu."
  6. My friends and I still shout "How you doing in the splash zoooone!?" from Kylie in the Aphrodite Tour video.
  7. Ugh and the clip of her singing in the operatic voice on some of the remixes...heaven. I also love her super serious speaking voice on tracks like the RIT version of Beast Within and Sanctuary.
  8. "And the next time you want pussy...just look in the mirror baby."
  9. 1. Our queen pushing Guy Oseary’s TikTok knockoff #synergy 2. What’s this remix?
  10. I wonder if there’s a Rolling Stones forum where they pick apart Mick Jagger’s vocals these days. (Having said that, I’m tired of the auto tune. Give it to me raw baby.)
  11. Madonna watching Malik perform in the IG video:
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