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  1. It would be weird to get a new album that’s mostly ignored on a tour… but I’ve seen a lot of stranger things babe!
  2. I wonder if they’ll just expand/revise Celebration? I’d really just bet on an official playlist on streamers though.
  3. The airbrushing for the last decade has been giving Stalin vibes. But I’d probably be expecting the same thing if I were her.
  4. USB is quickly being replaced with USB-C, so would make it a little future proof to use the new standard.
  5. The record company announced curated deluxe reissues and she posted video of her working on the tour stage. I think excitement for the future as the OP intended isn’t an act of selfishness, just fun and excitement for what’s still to come. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they just put the three Madame X bonus tracks onto streaming as an EP, like they did with the RH ones.
  7. I fucking love One More Chance. The vocal gymnastics she’s able to go through so shortly after her breakthrough in vocal lessons for Evita…just her and that guitar. Stunning.
  8. Who doesn’t want to bring their $2,000 tote bag to the farmer’s market?
  9. Same for the Velvet Rope reissue that came out last week--the bonus content is just remixes! (I'm a more cursory Janet fan so I wasn't really bothered and enjoyed revisiting the album, but seeing that I had to think 'Hooo boy, imagine the bitching from Madonna fans if this is what we get for an album reissue.')
  10. Ok, I’m shuffling through FEL during my workout right now and why on earth does Love Profusion sound so wacky? Like it was ripped off of YouTube or from a low-res CD from 2003? It’s the one sore spot in this great collection, because I love this remix so much. Has anyone else noticed it?
  11. What’s funny is her mic is usually always off when she’s got it on 🤣
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