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  1. What’s funny is her mic is usually always off when she’s got it on 🤣
  2. Yeah... they might let us know what the first reissue will be, but Emily surely isn't ready to drop anything real yet.
  3. These remasters sound amazing. Just what I needed on the treadmill today. Hopefully Mike Dean and his team handle all the remastering for the greater reissue project.
  4. Right? Spent the 80s to early 2000s dragging artists out of the closet and now they’re just dismissed as virtue signalers? I’m gonna be as out and loud as I want to be and artists should be able to as well!
  5. Isn’t it weird the 50 number 1’s cover doesn’t mention they’re remixes?
  6. Listened to this via my HomePods and it sounds fantastic.
  7. Right. It’s a straw man. We have high standards, set by her. Her age has nothing to do with her ability to turn out a great show. Artists who throw out constructive criticism with the truly awful tripe from trolls are fooling themselves.
  8. Maybe it’s just that powerful Mike Dean weed getting her way too high. If anything, she was just pushing through exhaustion. But missing your queues and marks and barely squeaking out the lyrics is inexcusable. What would Madonna say if she saw another artist performing like that? If you know it’s going to be broadcast worldwide and recorded, you put in the rehearsal time. You take care of your voice. You get ready. I love her and her music so much, and its her historical fierce eye for detail and refusal to compromise her vision that inspires me in my own creative endeavors. Her music keeps me going. Which is why it’s so upsetting when something like this happens. Many of the knee-jerk comments saying “Well you just hate Madonna” when any valid criticism is discussed ring to me of the American right wing’s “Well you just hate America” refrain when anybody suggests room for improvement. When you love something or someone so much, you have to be able to face the ugly moments and cherish the beautiful ones. I think this performance was terrible. I hate that she turns herself into a cartoon on her Instagram (girl if you want that jaw line in real life, get thee to your surgeon). That doesn’t change the fact that I’m still rocking out to her all the time and ready to stan her next move. Being a Madonna fan is sometimes to contain multitudes of contradictions.
  9. Why is her solution to every performance’s faults now to grind on whatever is nearest? Stop grinding and focus on your vocals mama! I want Madonna to slay. And this was…not slay-age. I was hoping I could blame jet lag…alas Colombia is in a close time zone to NYC.
  10. This is a jam - thanks for letting us all know! Darren's always a delight when he's on the Inside the Groove podcast.
  11. The boys on the MLVC podcast have the author of “Madonna: Song by Song" on their latest episode, and he mentions he was at a club show recently and Honey Dijon played her personal remix of Vogue, and it's amazing. They play his rough recording of it at the end of the episode. Shall we pray it makes it into the 50 remixes set coming #soon?
  12. Thank you! If there's a Venmo or Cash app account (or other service) to donate to for upkeep of the site, happy to help!
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