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  1. schumakg86

    It’ll be interesting to see if the live vocals are auto tuned and as ethereal as the studio.
  2. schumakg86

    Love it! Please finish it. It’s a summery bop!
  3. schumakg86

    It’s definitely an ear worm. It keeps getting stuck in my head!
  4. schumakg86

    Wonder what the two Target bonus tracks will be...
  5. schumakg86

    My favorite official remix is the 12”, because it’s so long you can practically live in the song. One of my favorite fan mixes is this gem:
  6. schumakg86

    Maybe I’m used to my usual version or I was listening more closely, but “Love Song” sounds cleaned up. Would’ve been amazing if they did a proper remaster for this, and a proper release of the video version of EY. It’s a fun playlist though—although I’d actually call it a digital-only compilation? That’s how it’s organized on Apple Music. Otherwise, where would they be pulling Supernatural from? And LAP without Act of Contrition? Blasphemy!
  7. schumakg86

    It's annoying how much he looks like a delicious gay fuckboy but is allegedly straight. I'm triggered.
  8. schumakg86

    This is lowest-common-denominator stuff. The mumbling machismo act from Maluma is particularly horrifying. Hope this isn’t reflected in M’s new stuff.
  9. Exactly. Listening to the demos there is something missing—they all sound aged in their own way. “No Substitute for Love” sounds like it’s on the verge of new age ambient music I’d hear at the massage parlor. You can hear the seeds of what became ROL throughout though, so it’s an invaluable look into the artistic process. I kinda love the Babyface tracks, especially “I’ll Be Gone” (was totally expecting it to be “Gone” in demo form). I wonder, were they actually recorded in ‘97, or were these leftovers from ‘94 and she was considering reworking them?
  10. schumakg86

    I just popped in the pink vinyl while working. Is it just me or does Hung Up sound a little sped up here? She’s bordering on chipmunk voice. There’s no reason for it to be, with them loving to put three songs on a side to make it a double disc set...
  11. schumakg86

    News on album: nada My development of body dysmorphia: raging
  12. I’m down! I’m in America, so not sure what the exchange rate is... but for this I’m willing to splurge so we can finally have this out there (if it’s legit)
  13. schumakg86

    Joke’s on us, the album is all other singers with liner notes by the twins
  14. schumakg86

  15. schumakg86

    I can’t imagine showering without music jamming. I’ve got a whole playlist of Madonna’s more downtempo stuff for shower times. It’s fun to sing along to the live albums, especially Confessions. Adds a bit more drama to your day. Oh, and Evita....all the parts.