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  1. Fans do it better, I prefer this photo as cover And a more extend tracklist The new remastered versions on from US remix on side A and the UK ones on side B. Side A 1. Extended Version/12" Version - 2022 remaster 2. Dub Version - 2022 remaster Side B 1. UK 12" Mix With Intro 2. UK 12 " Dub
  2. I'm near... my grandma likes to go to snack there where she was young and I want to meet this place for that reason and, obviously for the LDLHA music video
  3. Programs to make DVD on Windows 10?

  4. U're wrong with "Love Makes..." :( It's hard... i love everything but "Did You Do It?", (I prefer "Waiting") and also "The Beast Within"
  5. RQ: Who's That Girl (full video...) not fade out like Celebration DVD

    1. Ivan Z

      Ivan Z

      I didn't know the one on Celebration DVD was not full!

  6. if someone have novafile premium account, please share this! :D

  7. 01 Sticky & Sweet Tour 02 The Girlie Show World Tour 03 The Blonde Ambition World Tour 04 Who's That Girl World Tour 05 The Virgin Tour (ohh! the interludes are so amazing! and i that Borderline edit sucks :( ) 06 Confessions Tour 07 Drowned World Tour 08 Re-Invention WorldTour 09 Rebel Heart Tour 10 MDNA Tour
  8. it's hard... i love the whole album... but Borderline or I Know It!
  9. I like some "new mix" to some songs!1.Everybody (edited and added "dance and sing..." acapella at the end, like 2.Burning Up (7" Remix Edit) from a vinyl of Philippines3. Physical Attraction (7" UK Edit) from Borderline single4. Holiday (A new mix edit - intro like IC)5. Lucky Star (A new edit from Jellybean remix)7. Borderline i have 2 options a new album edit like single version or the one from It's That Girl promo cassette)8. Like a Virgin (IC but NO FADE!)9. Material Girl (Album version)10. Into the Groove (IC Version)11. Angel (Fade)12. Dress you Up (Remix Edit)13. Live to Tell (IC)14. Papa Don't Preach (IC+Video outro)15. True Blue (Remix Edit)16. Open Your Heart (New Mix! Video version intro+album version+Extended Remix Edit Outro)17, La Isla Bonita (Remix Edit)18. Who's That Girl (Fade)20. Causing a Commotion - New Mix! Movie House Edit Intro (Short)+Album Edit21. Like a Prayer - New Mix! 7" Remix Edit Intro+Album Edit Fade22. Express Yourself - 7" Remix+Outro like IC Video23. Cherish - (Fade)24. Vogue (Single Version) 25. Justify my Love (Q-Sound Edit)26. Erotica (Radio Edit)27. Deeper and Deeper - New Mix! Like Shep's Remix Edit (Bass intro and short like radio edit)i will continued later!
  10. love James Deen! <3

    1. Clark_Kent


      He's the best :D

  11. some videos are in low or medium quality... but, this edit its fantastic!!! YOU DID IT!!! :wink:
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