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  1. M looks so good. Also she still has that 2002 Maybach limo!
  2. Material Girl is a product of its time.1980s were all about yuppie culture, consumerism, ambition, greed.. Madonna was very much part of that movement. There was no sarcasm or hidden meaning in pop back then. Material Girl is a perfect anthem for the 80s. I love both the song and the video. Mary Lambert very wisely showed a more human side of Madonna in the end. She's a good girl after all!
  3. not bad at all. I liked the performance. That ass is horrible though, way disproportionate
  4. wonder why she bought that house in the first place.. it's very basic. Honestly i don't think is good for her kids, moving to a new place every once in a while
  5. like when M told Diablo her shoes were tacky Nice to hear there's no bad blood
  6. She looks fine. And I prefer a real picture of M to the filtered ones. Her aim has always been to look like Perfection. Growing old is tough. Even when you're Madonna
  7. i think Madonna has lost some interest due to lack of commercial success of her music. Moreover, she has never been keen to promoting her back catalogue of hits. Her brand is all about being current and relevant.
  8. Putin is a maniac. Ukraine is just the first step.. no turning back for him. Can't reason with crazy.
  9. not feeling the sparrow.. Madonna - Whore of Babylon might be bit harsh for the peanut gallery.. Madonna Crazy for You would be a cute title imo
  10. they were getting little drunk there.. surprised how she opened up about her lesbian affairs, she's been very elusive about that. Also surprised they haven't come up with the title yet, i'd prefer a brand new one, not something that has been used already.
  11. She's not going to cater to the masses and make a feel-good movie for sure. We'll just have to wait and see i guess.
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