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  1. cake

    Sexiest clown ever! Only Madonna
  2. cake

    Sex book for sure. She's had a target on her back ever since
  3. Ray of Light was departure from the ultra glam videos M had done before. It was relatively low budget production as well.
  4. cake

    that was lovely
  5. I think it has to do with the Madame X persona. Madonna in an achiever, Madame X is a bohemian.. she doesn't care
  6. cake

    what's wrong with Banana Republic?
  7. La Isla Bonita on the radio way before single release. Radio loves LIB
  8. Oh Father. The music video is just epic
  9. cake

    I'll Remember is just sublime. And the Rain video is 90s perfection. I'll Remember needed to be performed on the MX tour but sadly M has all but forgotten about this gem.
  10. This Used To Be My Playground A friend of mine would call it This Used To Be My Asshole
  11. cake

    Like a Virgin for sure. The song. The music video. The wedding dress!
  12. With the right song she can and will have a hit. If she released Frozen today, it would be a hit believe me you.
  13. cake

    gotta love her unapologetic bitchness. Still the Material Girl. Personally I wouldn't pay 1k for a polarid but to each their own. Hope those guys can afford rent next month.
  14. cake

    The setlist is fine. Not very surprising except for Frozen maybe. I'm not going to travel to see the tour.. I will if she comes to my town though
  15. cake

    I predict the phone ban is going to be a messy situation. I hate people who film everything but this is the world we live in. Smartphones are everywhere. The audience will be annoyed and if M starts late even more so. I hope I'm wrong.. we shall see.