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  1. By today's standards that particular story is problematic and would not be published now, wether it be fantasy or not. In 1992 it was non issue. Just goes to show how we have changed as a society. SEX book is very much a product if its time.
  2. The writer doesn't get it. Oh well, carry on
  3. Oh M ..always the charmer. I don't think he's bitter about it, just a funny showbiz story. Like a Virgin launched Madonna's career and probably is still her best known song so I guess she's aware of the significance.
  4. cake

    Express Yourself in 1989. Actually it was the sexy super sleek music video that made me a fan.
  5. cake

    Gotta love the 80s. The fanbase was very white I must say.
  6. M & Tony were so hot together
  7. Shady Sharon being shady again.. oh well. Next
  8. cake

    very bad situation indeed. This happens all the time even more now that everyone's working remotely. We deal with these cases all the time in my company. Usb disks containing sensitive data go missing etc.. people are jut sloppy.
  9. Such an iconic moment. Never noticed it was so crazy crowded.
  10. cake

    1.Open Your Heart 2.Human Nature 3.Justify My Love 4.Don't Tell Me 5.Hollywood 6.Love Don't Live Here Anymore -did they elongate M here somehow? How Paula Abdul of her..
  11. cake

    The Antibodies made her do it.
  12. cake

    2016. Only Madonna, bitches
  13. cake

    I guess M didn't really want to collaborate with MJ. She made those crazy suggestions knowing he would refuse. A great opportunity missed for sure.
  14. It's all about Survival more than ever
  15. cake

    It was Dolce & Gabbana. Great look