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  1. DrewB83

    Crazy For You was a nice addition; and I did enjoy it. I think Easy Ride could have replaced either Lament (although that worked well in terms of the show), or be sung after Imagine. Don’t Tell Me was a rather disappointing, if not repetitive, inclusion on that tour and could have been dropped. Easy Ride would be a nice inclusion on the Madame X set list; although I doubt it, sadly.
  2. DrewB83

    Extreme Occident is (presently) my favourite song on Madame X and I do see it as a continuation of Easy Ride. Easy Ride was, for a time, my favourite song on AL and was gutted it didn’t feature in the ReInvention Tour. To some extent EO seems to relate to the drive or motivation behind ER. Both are beautiful compositions.
  3. DrewB83

    Personally, I think the song addresses the dissonance that exists between the majority and marginalised groups that she references. As you don’t identify directly with a group (gay, African, poor, Islam, rape victims) there is a comfortable distance that allows you to turn a blind eye. I think that fits with the I know what I am and I know what I'm not.... do you, etc. I’ve got to be honest I don’t think it’s cultural appropriation. I was relieved. Some of the lyrics are rather jarring - and the Native Indian doesn’t do her any favours. But beyond that it’s quite a beautiful composition.
  4. It’s impossible to take it seriously; parts read like the “review” of the album are an afterthought grafted on after they playground vitriol was written. An egotistical nonentity, with a deaf ear.
  5. The pompous, and extremely egocentric nature of the author’s criticism, really makes this line ironic: “There's not an ounce of self-awareness.”
  6. DrewB83

    It’s not easy, but I am infatuated with Extreme Occident. But it could easily be Dark Ballet, Crave, and God Control.
  7. Madame X (Deluxe Edition) [Unboxing]


  8. It’s growing on me; certainly no filler. It’s not experimental; at least that isn’t a term I would use (she has sung in Spanish before, etc ). However, it has such a cohesive narrative and flow which is not easily delivered. Consequently, as a creative endeavour, I can see justification for calling it a masterpiece. The repetition on some songs is stylistic. Batuka has the polyrhythm structure that is characteristic of that genre and the lyrics on Killers are purposefully jarring in their sparseness as it challenges the dissonance of the listener.
  9. I’ve listened twice thus far and I am ... I don’t know the right word. Amazed? Blown away? Humbled, even. The album is a masterpiece. Of course, there are tracks that are weaker (I Don’t Search I Find and Come Alive) , but these aren’t fillers. I’m gutted now that I am probably unable to go to the London shows.
  10. I hope so. I wonder if she is referring to the Mario Vargas Llosa book, The Bad Girl?
  11. DrewB83

    Although it did not sell as well as previous efforts, American Life remains my favourite album. It’s not consistent and there is a couple of weak tracks; but so is there on Like A Prayer, Ray of Light, Music and Confessions. AL was and is different and Madonna gets panned when she goes different and doesn’t do what the critics want. But with fourteen albums there is enough variety.
  12. I cannot decide between Crave and Dark Ballet. Both are so different and I enjoy both. However Dark Ballet certainly wins in terms of the video.
  13. DrewB83

    I’ve lurked here, for a while, but have much enjoyed reading people’s different opinions on what they have heard. Thus far I’ve held out and not listened to any of the snippets or leaks, and I’m now eagerly awaiting Friday.