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  1. DrewB83

    During the two weeks since it was released, I’ve had my initial views challenged and songs that I had a poor first impression have grown on me. Madame X is definitely an album that continues to deliver. I Don’t Search, I Find has become one of my top three. That is a complete 180. In contrast I have to be in the mood for Killers. Medellín is also less played. My current favourites are: 01. Extreme Occident. 02. Dark Ballet. 03. I Don’t Search, I Find. 04. God Control. 05. Crave. 06. Bitch I’m Loca. 07. Faz Gostoso. 08. Crazy. 09. Batuka. 10. Medellín. 11. Looking For Mercy. 12. I Rise. 13. Killers Who Are Partying. 14. Future. 15. Come Alive. Of the three bonus tracks, Ciao Bella would go somewhere between I Don’t Search, I Find whereas Back That Up To The Beat would fall somewhere between Bitch I’m Loca and Batuka. Funana is the only song that I could say , from Madame X, that I don’t really enjoy.
  2. Yes; artistically, Madame X is without doubt proving a rich and fascinating concept. I’m also starting to see more what it is she has taken from The Bad Girl.
  3. She also had guns on stage during the second act of ReInvention. But Madonna’s message was quite clear. MDNA had a storyline. It’s not an endorsement of guns.
  4. There are multiple reasons and each artist that selects producers or directors can produce a poor result. That is the nature of collaboration. It’s not just limited to Madonna.
  5. Do we know that Madonna did not select the director based on her beliefs that Jonas was the best person to bring about her vision? Or Mirwais is the best producer to get what she wanted? This is Madonna we’re talking about. Some artist have no involvement in stuff, sure. But Madonna? No.
  6. Gang Bang uses guns as a metaphor; it’s a song about anger, frustration and hurt and realisation. It’s not an endorsement of guns or literal. In contrast God Control is about guns and the devastation that they cause. The gun and message is literal. Calculation seems a strange accusation.
  7. Dusty Springfield. Yes, it’s purposely catering for what radio thinks listeners 15< want to listen to. I’m not convinced that younger listeners would not listen to Madonna.
  8. DrewB83

    I was not expecting that. Beautifully done.
  9. DrewB83

    Crazy For You was a nice addition; and I did enjoy it. I think Easy Ride could have replaced either Lament (although that worked well in terms of the show), or be sung after Imagine. Don’t Tell Me was a rather disappointing, if not repetitive, inclusion on that tour and could have been dropped. Easy Ride would be a nice inclusion on the Madame X set list; although I doubt it, sadly.
  10. DrewB83

    Extreme Occident is (presently) my favourite song on Madame X and I do see it as a continuation of Easy Ride. Easy Ride was, for a time, my favourite song on AL and was gutted it didn’t feature in the ReInvention Tour. To some extent EO seems to relate to the drive or motivation behind ER. Both are beautiful compositions.
  11. DrewB83

    Personally, I think the song addresses the dissonance that exists between the majority and marginalised groups that she references. As you don’t identify directly with a group (gay, African, poor, Islam, rape victims) there is a comfortable distance that allows you to turn a blind eye. I think that fits with the I know what I am and I know what I'm not.... do you, etc. I’ve got to be honest I don’t think it’s cultural appropriation. I was relieved. Some of the lyrics are rather jarring - and the Native Indian doesn’t do her any favours. But beyond that it’s quite a beautiful composition.
  12. It’s impossible to take it seriously; parts read like the “review” of the album are an afterthought grafted on after they playground vitriol was written. An egotistical nonentity, with a deaf ear.
  13. The pompous, and extremely egocentric nature of the author’s criticism, really makes this line ironic: “There's not an ounce of self-awareness.”
  14. DrewB83

    It’s not easy, but I am infatuated with Extreme Occident. But it could easily be Dark Ballet, Crave, and God Control.
  15. Madame X (Deluxe Edition) [Unboxing]