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  1. Y do I feel like I’m the only one who loves shop bee doo? when I look in your eyes baby here’s what I see… I cannot stand STAY. Sounds horrid that’s the song y’all should be hating.
  2. Thank god I got the box set from rhino ! Madonna party the day it comes out for sure
  3. Best tracks for me were faz GOSTOSO - bitch I’m loca - and crazy - I feel like they were such missed opportunities and should have been the singles - I know alot disagree but they were radio fire.
  4. Someone fly me out from phoenix I will so go !!!!
  5. Damn: can someone get me a ticket from phoenix Az I would be sooooo there !!!
  6. Is anyone else surprised RESCUE ME was not a dance #1? I mean it made it to #9 on the hot 100 it should certainly qualify? Who has the tea on the charts that week
  7. Can u all stop complaining lol. We are getting the remixes everyone wanted !!! Most of us didn’t even think we would get physical anything …: M knew what she was doing releasing this ! It’s a wet dream for most of us here
  8. I think the artwork is cool and much props to Aldo for finally getting his moment. Everyone in here is never happy it’s bizarre how much you pick things apart.
  9. I see u giving Madonna some ideas lol I want a Medellin vinyl or Bitch I’m Madonna - something that we haven’t had before
  10. That was hot ! They really do have chemistry I think - also I think maluma is mesmerized by her career and she prolly just think of him as meat lol also this performance is no where near as bad as ppl are saying
  11. I thought the performance was awesome. The braids were a mess and the pink outfit but being 63 out there showing out with MALUMA in Colombia was amazing ! Welcome back to the stage Madonna ! So proud of her. My biggest complaint is they should have done SOLTERA since in Colombia instead of Music !!
  12. I’m still pissed this didn’t get the single treatment - imagine the remixes ! This was my favorite song on the album and as a dj I wanted to play it so many times - such a missed opportunity
  13. Oh also she performed the worst song I mean I’m going bananas for gods sake she really was when she made that set list ! In this life over bad girl ? Why’s it so hard and why was bye bye baby even a single …. So may wtf moments
  14. My honest opinion is the hair. That short pixie was awful after the sexual ness of the era - she needed that sex book cover hair
  15. This is a great track for dj’s - so I’m with it. Still pissed that Bitch I’m Loca Remix didn’t get released tho on streaming !!
  16. I got some spam email from this account today :/ so sad hope u figure it out
  17. U tried it. It’s been played on Several tours both with guitar. She can choose another classic from that classic album like physical attraction hell I’ll take think of me anything but burning up it’s the La Isla Bonita of that album
  18. Burning up is the new La isla Bonita. Give me some damn physical attraction or think of me …. Something other and burning up and La Isla lol. She can be such a troll !!!!
  19. Couldn’t it be worse ? Didn’t the original single have half her face and was niki Finn more so than Madonna
  20. A lot of artists release physical singles. It’s been quite popular lately…. Cardi b released her singles WAP & Up on both cd singles and Vinyl singles. Bruno Mars silk sonic has done the same - Jennifer Lopez and Maluma released their duet Pa Ti as vinyl singles - so I don’t know why Madonna has never capitalized on this ????
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