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  1. The hair definitely isn't a filter. But it probably is a wig.
  2. IDSIF is one of the weakest songs on Madame X and nowhere near the highs (and mediums) of Rebel Heart and MDNA. If we're talking inoffensive faceless dance tracks, then yes.
  3. I mean, she has 2 hours to cover 40 years of her life. Whoever wrote this could've tried something more realistic.
  4. God Control Dark Ballet Human Nature Papa Don't Preach (MX style) Madame X Manifesto Vogue Words American Life Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Welcome to My Fado Club / La Isla Bonita Sodade Like a Virgin (MX style) Crave (Album version) Pray for Spanish Eyes Medellín Rescue Me (Interlude) Frozen Extreme Occident Come Alive Future (Album version w/ solo verse)
  5. It would be kinda genius if she is writing with Patrick Leonard with production from Dev Hynes. His sound is the best modern take on the 80s. Wasn't there 'insider' info that this was a plan? To have the Patrick Leonard tracks produced by someone else? This sound would tie in really well with the biopic. Manifesting!
  6. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure all the negative things she has said about the interview were centred around herself rather than Madonna. She felt like she lost control of the dynamic and embarrassed herself under pressure. Cant imagine what she could teasing other than a HQ upload of the raw footage? Or some kind of project that features her celebrity interviews. A new interview with M feels random.
  7. True but in the case of Madame X it actually just compliments the theme, which literally is all the different personas that can exist within one person. An album theme like Madame X would need a balance of serious songs, badass songs, frivolous songs etc The goal with Ray of Light was more serious and sincere, Hard Candy was almost entirely frivolous, Rebel Heart was split between rebel and romantic etc. This is why Madame X is so strong - there is something for any mood.
  8. Top 5 without a doubt. On its best days... #1
  9. I've been looking to buy this for a while... If anyone here happens to be selling please message me
  10. It wasn't really until Erotica (arguably LAP) that she started to put a lot of effort into album tracks and aim for a solid body of work, which is a big part of what makes an album great. True Blue has the best set of singles in her discography but also the weakest album tracks she has made. Like a Virgin is meh all over and its 2 redeeming singles are both polarizing with very little depth (artistry wise) or connection to Madonna herself. Her best seller albums feel kinda random when you think about the quality. Erotica, Bedtime Stories, American Life and Madame X are some of her ab
  11. It's interesting how it changes depending on the generation. I think for fans under 25 the obvious answer is Like a Virgin. I can't imagine how someone can place any other album below it. And the fans who likely experienced Like a Virgin first hand seem to hate MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X even though they all vary in quality - Which seems more like an inherent prejudice against modern sounds than a genuine preference. The album tracks on Madonna, Like a Virgin, True Blue, Like a Prayer don't hold a candle to the standard of Madame X.
  12. Of course if she did pursue disco she would delve deep and pull out all the best references and make it her own - which sounds great. But I feel like the 'disco album' fans actually just want big camp dance bangers. God Control is spectacular and rich in every sense yet people generally like IDSIF more because it the closest thing to a palatable dance banger on Madame X (and the most similar to Confessions). The references are always Kylie, Cher, Jesse, Dua... and their music is great but Madonna has never been the palatable dance banger girl. Even Celebration/MDNA had a strong iden
  13. Honestly anything other than disco would be great. She is so versatile and still willing to try new styles... why does everyone want her to rehash old albums/eras? I would love to see her try Lo-fi / modern R&B
  14. Speaking of photoshop - I made an edit trying to undo whatever facetune mess the photographer did (and the crazy lip overlining)... I wish they would just photoshop it properly. You'd think they weren't getting paid to do this job I think this actually looks more like her than the original?
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