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  1. Chris Morlock

    Have y'all heard Sum Ting Wing's song Crossfire? It's SOOOO good.
  2. Chris Morlock

    I own the DVD collection sets for Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, and Friday the 13th. I also have the 1st Jaws on dvd
  3. Chris Morlock

    I'm July 26, 2000. ✨
  4. Chris Morlock

    I apparently had an account since August but didn't use it? Anyway, my display name is my first and last name. Other than madonna, my stan list: 1. Kesha 2. Marilyn Manson 3. Lana Del Rey 4. My Chemical Romance I also enjoy BLACKPINK, EXO, and 2NE1 and most kpop/jpop
  5. Chris Morlock

    Hello! I turn 20 in July!
  6. Chris Morlock

    I wish I could donate. Also isn't the Amazon still ablaze?
  7. Chris Morlock

    I REALLY want a cat