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  1. glad to see im not the only one that does NOT want a red sheerat collab
  2. She's re recording burning up https://www.instagram.com/tv/CaBNxgSKmn5/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. madame x isnt as bad as most stans say it is
  4. Old quote but Garbage also reissued deluxe edions of Version 2.0 and recently did BeautifulGarbage
  5. bops from start to finish. sad bops at the end


    1. realityisalways


      I don't know man, those people seem leftist as fuck. 

    2. Chris Morlock
  6. i never saw it until now and i wish i hadnt seen it at all lol
  7. tbh most fans could come up with better designs than what the professionals come up with.
  8. tbh im surprised at this, why hasnt madonna been invited to be a judge on RPDR?
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