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    Chris Morlock got a reaction from Bel in Post Your Pictures Thread! (Show Yourself)   
    Hello! I turn 20 in July!
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    Chris Morlock got a reaction from Voguerista in Welcome / Introduce Yourself   
    I apparently had an account since August but didn't use it?
    Anyway, my display name is my first and last name.
    Other than madonna, my stan list:
    1. Kesha
    2. Marilyn Manson
    3. Lana Del Rey
    4. My Chemical Romance
    I also enjoy BLACKPINK, EXO, and 2NE1 and most kpop/jpop 
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    Chris Morlock reacted to devilpray in What are you Watching right now?   
    I was watching UNHhhh
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    Chris Morlock reacted to Jaawsshhh in Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-RuPaul's Drag Race!   
    RPDR:UK has probably been one of the best seasons since AS2.
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    Chris Morlock reacted to Andymad in Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-RuPaul's Drag Race!   
    Has anyone been able to watch The Viv and Baga’s Morning T & T show on WOW? I can’t access WOW presents in Canada and it’s nowhere to be downloaded. Balls.
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    Chris Morlock reacted to groovyguy in M-Infinity Birthday List   
    Share and add your Birthday to the M-Infinity Birthday List!
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    *M-Infinity Anniversary - June 12th, 2014
    Member / Birthday
    Aries [2]
    @MadonnaAngel - April 13th
    @Brendanlovesu1- April 19th
    Aries/Taurus cusp[1]
    @ComingWithTheClouds - April 20th
    Taurus [4]
    @scottyj - April 22th
    @Illuminaughty - May 10th
    @Nick - May 11th
    @MeantToBeIconic - May 20th
    Gemini [11]
    @SimonVenekeo - May 21st
    @Drum Dub - May 22nd
    @straton86 - May 28th
    @Madmarfi - May 20th
    @Andymad - June 3rd
    @ulisan543 - June 4th
    @Fernando - June 5
    @stormbringer - June 5th
    @kurushitovska - June 7th
    @Yung Rapunxel - June, 17th
    @TonyMontana - June 21st
    Cancer [12]
    @vitoralmeiida - June 22nd
    @Rose Mist Stud - June 22nd
    @angelamanda623 - June 23rd
    @The Bextorian- June 24th
    @TASpark - June 26th
    @G House - June 27th
    @JupiterArgus - June 27th
    @MDNAconfession - June 28th
    @NowRadiate - July 4th
    @Crispicazzo - July 5th
    @Rebel Hugo - July 6th
    @Paulo MDNA Tour - July 14
    Leo [11]
    @Unapologeticheart - July 28th
    @Lucky Star - July 31st
    @richiemadonna - August 1st
    @Fontainebleau - August 6th
    @Breathless - August 10th
    @MiB - August 14th
    @Groovyguy - August 14th
    @str8boypatryk - August 17th
    @Dashfox - August 19th
    @xrhaul - August 20th
    @poshbabyyy - August 21st
    @IconicRebel aka LeooAyala - August 27th
    @haziel56 - August 28th
    @CicconeUK - September 5th
    @dav_fer - September 5th
    @Madgesty-September 5th
    @Madonna_Luv -September 8th
    @MadBritFan - September 13th
    @devilpray - September 13th
    @boytoymadonna - SEPT 20
    Libra [12]
    @Stevo aka Night's King - September 26th
    @Dolcetom - September 27th
    @marvinperez2002 - September 29th
    @MadonnaLove - September 30th
    @Inco - September 30th
    @Madgefan - October 4th
    @Dazedmadonna - October 4th
    @angelluspd - October 6th
    @AspergerArtist - October 13th
    @ElectrickOrus98 - October 18th
    @fiercemighty - October 22nd
    @MadgeSlave - October 22nd
    Scorpio [6]
    @Frank - October 25th
    @blondebombshell - October 27th
    @love_profusion - November 3rd
    @IgnaNoblega - November 8th
    @Dru110 - November 10th
    @ariosoperfumegirl - November 19th
    Sagittarius [8]
    Seduction Surrender - November 26th
    @MechanicalDNA - November 28th
    @Madonna_Alltheway - November 29th
    @RebelHeARTPOP - November 30th
    @thelioncourtheart - December 7th
    @Primul5 - December 13th
    @Beto- December 17th
    @Bel - December 18th
    Capricorn [8]
    @Jaawsshhh - December 30th
    @anjoel - December 30th
    @meeshell - January 8th
    @OhMadonna - January 9th
    @astoroth - January 13th
    @RobertoFer42 - January 15th
    @julia425646 - January 18th
    @AlexJLR - January 19th
    Aquarius [1]
    @BringUrLUV - January 26th
    Pisces [7]
    @madbella- February 25th
    @skyfitswim - February 26th
    @cailohfornia- February 28th
    @Enrico - March 3rd
    @danMfan- March 6th
    @Turuncan - March 10th
    @Unruhe - March 19th
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    Chris Morlock reacted to Artistica in Welcome / Introduce Yourself   
    Hi all, thanks for accepting me!
    My name is Olivia, and I live in Switzerland. The last Madonna show I've been to were the two European leg opening shows in Cologne for Rebel Heart. 
    Going to Lissabon on the 16th! ❤
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    Chris Morlock reacted to IamZod in Animals Australia Charity   
    MarXus thread on his new little ginger kitty made me think that perhaps there are a lot of animal lovers on here. I don’t know if charity discussion is permitted on here, so apologies if not and if it needs deleting by Admins so be it, but I thought it was worth mentioning that the catastrophic fires in Australia have killed half a billion animals so far - yes HALF A BILLION. There are countless other animals suffering in need of care.
    If anyone did want to help, I found this Australian animal charity who I have already supported. If you’re looking to do a good deed this month, this might be worth your time. They’re working on getting vets to where they need to be to help injured animals, and provide vital care.