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  1. Alex Radojevic

    Guys I have a ticket for Lisbon on Jan 12 Plateia 1. Row B. Sadly I’m not able to attend. I have uni lectures on Monday morning - the day after the show. I’m selling at 300 EUR - face value I paid. Let me know if interested. Cheers 😄
  2. Alex Radojevic

    In which row are you sitting in?
  3. @RUADJAIDid you record the show?
  4. @RUADJAIHave you decided to record the audio at the show tonight? 😬😬
  5. Alex Radojevic

    @MattyProbably because there’s a lack of what we can discuss. All we know is the setlist We haven’t seen videos, photos of the set, costumes, the atmosphere, etc.
  6. Alex Radojevic

    I have a big favour to ask. Does anyone have a presale code they won’t be using to get the Lisbon tickets as a Madonna Legacy member from I’d immensely appreciate it if I could try to grab some tickets prior to the general sale on Saturday
  7. Alex Radojevic

    Photo thanks to