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  1. Angelman60

    Omg the number of times I listened to "losing my mind"...
  2. Angelman60

    I've always thought in that song "I'm hung up" meant "I'm worried"... Which would match the rest of the lyrics for me... Can someone enlight me?
  3. Angelman60

    What most people are looking for is the unmastered not compressed and not brickwalled version but HD version (I tried some from qobuz) have the same loud mastering even when it's specified master quality.
  4. Angelman60

    I'd be in heaven with either a or b
  5. Angelman60

    It's great but we know YouTube is compressing to death. Why is it not released on Tidal ?
  6. Angelman60

    Is the "remix album version" exactly the same as the IC version with QSound ? Or is it without the QSound effect ?
  7. You are right, the list could be updated with a short description of what the audio is. Papa Don't preach also has a different audio on the Celebration DVD, the re-edited the outro making awfull copy pasts I think the original audio can be found only on the Immaculate collection DVD, VHS, LaserDisc... Some of the videos on Immaculate collection DVD use the Qsound mix too (or a mix of original + QSound), for exemple like a Virgin
  8. Thanks @Aiwa08. Are we considering there are two versions of lap just because the audio changes? I thought we were talking only about video edits here. In that case many videos uses "wrong" audio on tic DVD and celebration
  9. I'd love a thread to collect all music videos in the best quality possible but no fan made, upscale or so, only untouched original sources.
  10. I thought there was 3. The immaculate laserDisc, the Immaculate DVD ad the Celebration DVD... Maybe just the audio is different between the laserDisc and Celebration
  11. Angelman60

    People here are pointing the bad edit points but I think it's just the guy who submitted the snippets, he just cut at different points to show parts from the whole mix and not just one minute straight. It could be legit honestly, no ?
  12. Angelman60

    I would have loved a proper 12'' mix and dub using the percussion from the original
  13. Angelman60

    I'd love to watch the burning cross scene. I love this moment.
  14. Angelman60

    I've never seen LAP B rolls before, what scene(s) does it cover ?
  15. Angelman60

    What I know is that the ending of papa don't preach on celebration is really badly edited, I'm talking about the audio. The proper audio can be found on the immaculate DVD though.