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  1. This is probably my favorite video of her I could watch it over and over with die another day. And the video remix arghhhh this is the best.
  2. Yeah I don't know why the video uses this crappy remix. It could have been a much bigger hit if television had played the album version
  3. Sorry I thought DAT was closer to a tape so it's like a vinyl I guess depending on the machine, the speed is never really the same. Now I wonder how it's read?
  4. How is that possible? That means they didn't have the DAT and didn't do a transfer themselves but had the exact same file as you? I mean everytime you do a transfer you cannot have the exact same result, can you?
  5. I think celebration has the original album audio but I have to check. Same for like a virgin if I recall. But again I can be mistaking
  6. Possible. All the rips I came across had the faded album version. As for the 7''version (with or without fade) its true that the intro is cut and starts more abruptly than the album version. And be careful of the immaculate DVD video version which is a mix of album and 7''mix.
  7. The Single collection is indeed an early fade of the album version. I wonder which fade has the video version ?
  8. I too would die for the rusty Eagan mixes of everybody. To me they are perfection. So much more catchy than the US version and I think she gave her best on that vocal take. I love how she screams more on the "Everybody" during the last choruses. And the echo adds a lot too
  9. I have an account on qobuz if you need them (but you have to pay its not streaming)
  10. In France we had the longest 7'' version. Not the fade.
  11. I still buy digital files sometimes when they used to be only on vinyls to get an upgrade
  12. Mylene farmer might be famous only in France but she's often referred as the French Madonna. I don't really see why though... But she has a pretty cool discography too which is pretty normal when you sing for more than 30 years. Love the psb too. They also have a complexe remixography
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