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  1. Haha thanks guys for all your comments, I just spent a week with my nephew listening to a chipmunk singing "gaga holala" on loop so I'm just new to this. To me it's just a destructive effect. I mean it's not professional, everyone can do it at home. But to each there own. Just didn't in know it could actually be sold and people buy it!
  2. What's the point of a speed up or slow down version? It's like being in 2000 again playing with media player. Next week a reversed version. I used to think people were lazy when they put out an Instrumental as track 2 (and god knows I loooove Instrumental more than everything but let's be honest, it's easy to make. ) but this is a whole new level of feeding people with sh*t. Otherwise I'm glad this demo is finally out to the world 😁
  3. Didn't feel like it was a flop in France, the music video aired all the time
  4. I would say depends on the material, I could go up to 100 for erotica tape or demo album. But 50 if it's just 3 songs with 15 sec extra intro 😋
  5. I remember the "Die another day" one. where they broadcasted the unreleased making of, What a time !
  6. I agree with this sentence but the other way round lol
  7. Is the lav k7sold already? We could do a croundfunding...
  8. Sounds interesting. I'm all about shame. Don't know why it was put aside for the album. It's THE hit for me
  9. You guys are already on BBB while I'm having so much hope for Friday. Dreaming about those legendary UK mixes of everybody. I'm gonna be so disappointed when they release just the US extended and dub 😂
  10. I'd love to hear "Head on wheels" if you still have it. The task is indeed quite difficult as there is no tempo mentionned, there is no key on the third line (it's too small for me to see if it's a bass line) I also see F and G on some measures plus ther stuff I can't read but that must be the chords no ? I can try to help with FL Studio if you can decrypt it
  11. Please please please rusty Eagan mixes for everybody!!!!
  12. Isn't it sad we are in a time where we wish for tracks not being remastered? The original ycd cd with edits sounds better to me than fel remasters which are too loud but I know it's today's standards.
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