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  1. Is there a thread somewhere that would list all the small differences with the versions already existing like "holiday is longer than the actual 7''" etc...?
  2. Ho man. Mine was in champs élysées. How can big brand like them can end up with unofficial releases in their store.
  3. I saw that one in a fnac in France. It's crazy how they can sell bootleg stuff in shops.
  4. I think we are being a bit naive here. My guess is that the FEL version of holiday is just an edited rip of the album version (hoping they took it from the first 1984 pressing so this is the least tweaked version) People working with masters is rare. It's so time consuming. So I'm not talking about stems or multitrack. We are fans. But usually, people working on those releases are not. And they would see no point in re doing a mix identical to the original. 10years ago the only serious guy for me was Tom Parker. He did amazing pwl re issues. And he could because he had access to pwl's vaults. Don't get me wrong, I'm just like you and expect the best from these reissues (instru, demos, unreleased...) but I know people working on this kind of project.
  5. I can't really explain why but to me, a gay icon is not a gay icon because he/she defends gay rights. For me it's just about the music. It's like Kylie Minogue, lady gaga... I can't explain it but there is a kind of music liked mostly by gay people.
  6. Everybody UK mixes in digital and that release would be perfect already
  7. To me a master is the original tape with the stereo mixed version. Going back to the stems or multitrack would end up in another mix to me (like on the immaculate collection). I'd loooove if they took the time for this but it's never gonna happen
  8. But the edit of physical attraction is actually a remix and not just an edit right?
  9. They say here Holiday is from the US 7''. https://theseconddisc.com/2022/05/04/so-nice-madonna-celebrates-40-years-of-hits-on-finally-enough-love/?msclkid=7a90db16cd1c11ec9434c529965cb94f https://www.discogs.com/release/3892930-Madonna-Holiday I'm sure we'll have a lot of surprises.
  10. Don't know if it's been mentioned but here is the detail of each version and where they have been previously released. https://theseconddisc.com/2022/05/04/so-nice-madonna-celebrates-40-years-of-hits-on-finally-enough-love/
  11. I think the laws or copyrights are not the same in those cases but I'd love to know too
  12. Thats amazing news. Thank you for all your dedication I'm so glad we all get to stay here.
  13. I just hope there will not be one bonus track only on the 150$ version. I hate those release where you gotta pay more and buy huge boxset to have one or two extra tracks
  14. @OceanBlue, you're right I tend to forget all the mixes that are not made with the original multitrack, I was more focusing on the first albums while writing my answer. But as a completist I'd love to see an anthology like that. If it doesn't happen, well,I guess we won't have to throw away all our collections ?
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