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  1. But the edit of physical attraction is actually a remix and not just an edit right?
  2. They say here Holiday is from the US 7''. https://theseconddisc.com/2022/05/04/so-nice-madonna-celebrates-40-years-of-hits-on-finally-enough-love/?msclkid=7a90db16cd1c11ec9434c529965cb94f https://www.discogs.com/release/3892930-Madonna-Holiday I'm sure we'll have a lot of surprises.
  3. Don't know if it's been mentioned but here is the detail of each version and where they have been previously released. https://theseconddisc.com/2022/05/04/so-nice-madonna-celebrates-40-years-of-hits-on-finally-enough-love/
  4. I think the laws or copyrights are not the same in those cases but I'd love to know too
  5. Thats amazing news. Thank you for all your dedication I'm so glad we all get to stay here.
  6. I just hope there will not be one bonus track only on the 150$ version. I hate those release where you gotta pay more and buy huge boxset to have one or two extra tracks
  7. @OceanBlue, you're right I tend to forget all the mixes that are not made with the original multitrack, I was more focusing on the first albums while writing my answer. But as a completist I'd love to see an anthology like that. If it doesn't happen, well,I guess we won't have to throw away all our collections ?
  8. If fans are involved, as I read, we could really have something amazing. As a fan I would ask them the album, every edit, extended, alternative mix etc... All the Instrumental, some unreleased tracks, some we know and some we don't. We need on cd all tracks that are vinyl only so far. Maybe that's why rusty Eagan was contacted and why she took out all her old tapes she sows on Instagram lol To make it great, each album would have to be released in a box with 4 cd + 1 DVD (I wish blu Ray but my guess is that they will stick to DVD) with all the videos taken from the album. I wish they would do it in 4k, but real 1080p remastered would already be amazing. Maybe some making of, some TV appearance too Each album in a box set like that... I'd buy in a heartbeat but that's a lot of work only à fan would be ready to do
  9. Yeah I thought maybe you guys heard a difference I might not have noticed. But the name of the version being "fade" I had doubts lol
  10. What's the difference between Jimmy album version and Jimmy fade? (I know it's impossible to recreate a fade identically but is it the only difference?)
  11. No, no it's definitely from a master for the first time. This is the only track that worth buying it. Actually I just bought that one track, not the full stuff
  12. Is it the first time we get true blue Instrumental in digital quality?
  13. Ho I was talking about edits only. Of course I love when they use and rearrange the multitrack for a new mix. But I call them single mix not edits
  14. I collect official edits because when I love a song, I need to have all versions of it, but just like you, I like the full length deal.
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