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  1. Angelman60

    I'd love to watch the burning cross scene. I love this moment.
  2. Angelman60

    I've never seen LAP B rolls before, what scene(s) does it cover ?
  3. Angelman60

    What I know is that the ending of papa don't preach on celebration is really badly edited, I'm talking about the audio. The proper audio can be found on the immaculate DVD though.
  4. Angelman60

    Confessions album instrumentals.
  5. Angelman60

    Thank you guys I really thought this small part was from Something official. Very well done !
  6. Angelman60

    Guys, I need your help, in that video : Where is the part from 5'22 to 8'00 taken from, is that fan made ? I've seen it used in many fake instru or fake Rehearsals.
  7. Angelman60

    I dream to hear the full version of Broken played in takara commercial.
  8. Angelman60

    Excuse me for not being precise enough. From all the above, I can see where the brazilian is different. but all the others look the same except maybe 1-2 seconds toward the end.
  9. Angelman60

    I've just compared "It's that girl" version with my 7'' version and they are exatly the same to me, where do you see a difference ? We are talking about Lucky Star right ? Not borderline ?
  10. Angelman60

    The unpleasant skip is more around 3'10. It is both on the laserDisc Video and the 7'' edit. Immaculate LaserDisc video uses the 7'' audio but a little bit shorter, doesn't have "what you do to me baby" at the very end The immaculate DVD uses an edit of the extended version as Ryder said with the echo on "yeahhhhhh" Celebration DVD uses another audio closer to the immaculate Q Sound mix.
  11. Si I tried myself but thanks to your procedure @Aiwa08 but got this message in the end : DownloadError: ERROR: The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Sorry about that. If it's not too long, could I ask you to try with that one please ? I'm a huge fan of her and very curious to see if the color matches the one colored pictures we have from the set.
  12. How do you do that, everytime I try I have an error : NameError: name 'colorizer' is not defined
  13. I'm confused, can you only colorize pictures or a full video ? I'd like to try with a video myself, is it possible ?
  14. Astonishing, I really like the result, very interesting to Watch.