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  1. it is Madonna. it is a rough audio but the background vocals are the same on the album. believe what you want but this is a rough audio that was used in the Motorola commercial. it is horribly ripped or someone purposely distorted it to make people such as you believe different. sorry but that is what i hear and i dont hear MALE vocals like you .
  2. the character sounds more like a general cliche of an evolution of a star.
  3. agreed. just a bad recording probably. i dont believe the backing vocals are too different though.
  4. i am shocked more of her early cruising for (latino) boys havent been brought up to smear her. if she was a man, no doubt her past encounters would be brought up more. if i recall, there was a bit of an eye brow raising with her kissing Chris Finch on the WTG tour back then. i also dont think these days her Open Your Heart video would go over well with the public since it has a young boy hanging out at a strip club.
  5. first album since i was pretty oblivious to her starting out. i had heard of her music but it was before i was getting invested in any artist.
  6. yep. motorola. i remember this was the version but i still think someone sped it up and distorted it.
  7. to me it sounds very distorted and sped up. i do recall early on a small clip was shared/leaked before the song, and it was without the Abba sample. i think it came from the motorola commercial. this clip sounds like someone is trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes.
  8. This clip isn't anything official. It's a distorted version of what was teased early on. There is no MALE vocal. The early tease was actually a version without the ABBA sample. This is just a version someone distorted to make like it's different.
  9. thanks for posting. mystery solved. totally sped up, distorted and filtered/altered vocals. not male in the background. just Madonna.
  10. what matters is i enjoyed the film. what others think, is there opinion. cant change people who are always looking to degrade her and her work.
  11. love the song. i dont get the hate for it either? it does fit within the album even though the sound might be a bit different from the other tracks. it still fits within the theme of the album.
  12. i think COADF is perfect as is. i love Push. i agree it seems to take the album off into another direction for a short time but its a cool track. i dont think History fits with the theme of the album, but i like History a lot. i have no complaints being we got the song as a B-side.
  13. i want to thank her for bringing so much great music in my life. very few artists can i listen to their whole catalog and enjoy. but of course there is more to her than just the music. i feel she is one of the greatest entertainers. what i love about her is that she doesnt give up. even today she is shedding her clothes, exposing herself to show she aint ashamed of nothing. i also love how she fights for equal rights for all. i love that she doesnt back down even when people try to tell her to retire already. i love her "fuck off" attitude. there will never be another Madonna. she's the best!
  14. this is why i will never buy an digital version of show. someone always rips her shows, so there is no worry of being able to get the show saved on the computer.
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