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  1. Gilbert

    i hope not. that UB moment seem to go on forever. at least the music kept playing. here it would be nothing but dialog going on forever.
  2. Gilbert

    unless, they are going to do a montage like Unapologetic Bitch on RHT.
  3. thanks for this. like you, i feel that with all the rumors posted for decades its hard to believe when some one comes in and post certainty with no source. i dont accept everything people post as fact. as of now, all we really know is that Dua Lipa is interested in collaborating with Madonna and they hope (or they may have) to contact her about it. i dont believe anything has been recorded yet. @TonyMontanai dont mind discussing rumors. i agree its fun. i just prefer people to not present their rumors as facts.
  4. contact me when you have the money for that bridge I'm selling. LOL!
  5. Gilbert

    i corrected my post above. i meant they AREN'T. it clearly is fake.
  6. Gilbert

    nothing to re-read. you made your points clear that you think they are authentic. my ears tell me they aren't edits of the official mix.
  7. Gilbert

    if this clip is a sped up teaser of the tour than its possible it was edited at a lower quality than the actual film. since we know that most other venues werent filmed professionally, i doubt we will see a mix of venues this time. but all of her tours had some sort of mix. im sure this will be the same. im sure it is going to be a streaming deal for a few months before the DVD/Blu-Ray will be released. there is no way she is going to pass up releasing it on DVD. not sure why people are even going there since all her tours have had a physical release in some form whether it was the full concert or the two documentaries Truth or Dare and IGTTYAS.
  8. by whom? no one official has confirmed any collaboration. just an interest and an interest to contact Madonna. i dont find "popjustice" blog a reliable source. you said they were "before" but what would that be? hunches and patching things together after many confirmed reports doesnt make them reliable. it just means they were paying attention like this possible collab. anyone of us can post a blog doing the same. i guess come November will have to see what comes of this. pardon me for being skeptical when someone pops out of the no where by suddenly making claims as facts when there is no true source mentioned with their comments.
  9. Gilbert

    no offense, but source please? so many people come on here posting like they are posting facts when its just gathered speculation.
  10. Gilbert

    ive seen your other comments. that still doesnt mean they are authentic. if you really think so, then i have a bridge i like to sell you. please dm when you got the cash.
  11. Gilbert

    lol, he may did that "on purpose" but there is nothing new with those clips. he just sporadically took elements of the original and remix to give people the illusion it may be something new. you cant tell me you hear anything "new" from any of those clips?
  12. Gilbert

    to be fair, the OP didnt say he did the process. just offered an image and a link to download the video. but he is misleading because it is not 4K. I question if it is really HD.
  13. can you please cite sources because you speak as if this is all actually happening when there is no proof. all we know is that Dua Lipa is interested in getting her to collaborate and her team is hoping to reach out to Madonna.
  14. Gilbert

    yes, i miss that. but i really didnt know and still dont know any Madonna fans personally. so it is nice to come to a place like this to speak with fans who enjoy her like i do. problem is; i didnt count on all the harsh judging and criticism. not that we have to love everything she does but i wouldnt be here if i didnt enjoy her more than not.