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  1. well Dion video actually a rescan of original 35 mm tape the close up scenes looks impressive Tidal ROL looks better than youtube vers a bit sharper but still...
  2. the upscale is ok a little cartoonish wish we have something like this
  3. well maybe it was also meeting for Ahlamalik career as a rapper i doubt there was any music conversation about Madonna music and i think Abel can create that nostalgia-synth sound since it sound nothing like Martin has done with others before and Abel write and compose his music since beginning
  4. i don't know what u guys talkin about but Weeknd s "Dawn FM" is really great record and Max was a part almost on every track on it
  5. Well maybe not album, but i can see she can release a new single to celebrate a start of the tour . so we just 3 month away
  6. omg her "Blinding Lights" and " Into You" is coming
  7. screaming a little :laughing:


    1. DickTracy


      She's so down to Earth

  8. Good to see the brows are back and very good retouching on photo not the alien facetune mess can we keep JR
  9. More pics will come "Held for the 15th year at the home of the Hollywood talent manager and writer Guy Oseary" i thought it was in Madonna house all these years
  10. If Madonna and Kylie had a child  :hearteyes:


  11. its kind a filtered and i thought its repeating english lines of chorus with his french accent
  12. New single "To be honest " is damn good (wish there were a French vers) hope there will be a real tracks not grills mumbling or old samples
  13. Well Chaleur humaine and Chris was so good somehow third album was a meh for me like his english songs
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