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  1. not some ppl in social media thinks that lazy ass photoshop is real
  2. https://nypost.com/2022/06/23/madonnas-surprise-nyc-pride-show-revealed-are-you-coming-b-ches/
  3. so if Tokischa in performing list it means they recorded some M cover for this event
  4. Terminal 5 to announce the arrival of her Finally Enough Love show in Hell’s Kitchen. “Are You Coming to See Mother and Her Children, B****es?” — Madonna Headlining in Hell’s Kitchen Tonight The Material Girl will grace the West Side stage on W56th Street between 11/12th Avenue to headline a PRIDE month celebration hosted by World of Women (WoW), a female-focused non-fungible token (NFT) collection dedicated to highlighting femme and nonbinary artists as well as improving inclusivity in the notoriously bro-centric cryptocurrency industry. The sold-out event, entitled WoW, Finally Enough Love is currently only open to WoW token holders and their guests, so if you haven’t already invested your life savings into a WoW piece, now’s the time to ask tech-forward friends for a favor! Madonna has dipped more than a toe into the NFT world as of late, both collaborating with WoW to create a special edition Material Girl cover and pioneering her own NSFW explorations of artistic and literal birth through her sold-out collection, Mother of Creation (the sales of which benefited three global charities). According to some carefully placed dressing room trailers on the blocks nearby, the WoW event will feature guest performances from Violet Chachki of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Bob the Drag Queen and Pixie Aventura, and Saucy Santana, who, taking inspiration from Madge herself, also has a hit single called Material Girl. The Papa Don’t Preach singer is no stranger to Hell’s Kitchen. Though her first New York apartment was a Morningside Heights sublet on Riverside Drive before she landed on E4th Street, the legendary pop vocalist did live in our neighborhood, according to her liner notes from a 2005 box set.
  5. yeah its kind a wired she doin pride show abandoned her gays
  6. so i guess there will be no broadcast or anything maybe later we get the edited thing like with met gala 2018 around Finally Enough Love release date in august
  7. do ppl really compare 2 songs and their similarities just because there is a ticking clock many of Price's remixes and works of those years sounds similar
  8. Love Love Sasha remix! in full 11 minutes its a glorious masterpiece i read that Madonna was working with Sasha. she mentioned this in an interview with MixMag. does anybody knows is there any songs that exist? or they never was complited
  9. Nicolas and Jose damn But since its the private event watch she will take away everybody's cell phones and the only thing we will see its Ricardo filtered realty
  10. Feel a little loopy when I get a little tipsy Bees got me feeling like a gypsy Smoking on a hookah got me feeling like a hippie, trippy Gone for a minute and you missed me
  11. so if I'm getting things right its private party for close community and has nothing to do with a Pride overall Madonna will attend the party and do some walk on runway while there will be playing set of her songs ?
  12. If she release remix compilation so it must me some new vers of her singles like Holiday or Material Girl with some feat on it cause why she would release different projects in the same time but again Finally Enough Love didn't have new tracks I'm confused
  13. do u think they record first ever NFT song that sampled Holiday? and u can hear it only if u NFT holder cause Madame X is an artist who gave birth to the new technologies
  14. both Girl Gone Wild remixes from Offer Nissim and justin Cognito miles better than original
  15. That girl sound so good actually i hope its something new and not another lame remix
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