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  1. Well maybe not album, but i can see she can release a new single to celebrate a start of the tour . so we just 3 month away
  2. omg her "Blinding Lights" and " Into You" is coming
  3. screaming a little :laughing:


    1. DickTracy


      She's so down to Earth

  4. Good to see the brows are back and very good retouching on photo not the alien facetune mess can we keep JR
  5. More pics will come "Held for the 15th year at the home of the Hollywood talent manager and writer Guy Oseary" i thought it was in Madonna house all these years
  6. If Madonna and Kylie had a child  :hearteyes:


  7. its kind a filtered and i thought its repeating english lines of chorus with his french accent
  8. New single "To be honest " is damn good (wish there were a French vers) hope there will be a real tracks not grills mumbling or old samples
  9. Well Chaleur humaine and Chris was so good somehow third album was a meh for me like his english songs
  10. of course the main and only reason is too small a break between album releases. TB 1986 LAP1989 TIC1990 In the physical era, sales of the current release literally stopped when a new release came out. especially since TIC contained all the hits.
  11. what numbers less than 1000 in tik tok TOTAL its nothing All i see some Madonna fans just trying to make it viral
  12. Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?  :bananawave: :laughing:


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    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      his bus fare home

    3. Inco
    4. DickTracy


      "All I want is for her to be happy, she seems genuinely happy"

  13. THE PROMO i guess Madonna should re sign with Insomniac rec instead of Warner
  14. its huge moment for him too but Blondish kind a have a main credit in this release Sorry remix now have 10 ml reach while BTUTTB stuck at 6ml anyway we will have nice boost for Madonna Spotify numbers its all that matter in the end of the day
  15. Madonna and Blondish on the cover in apple playlist too And playlist reaching already bigger than BTUTTB Don't tell me its the small EDM label work don't know how about Madonna but its clear that Blondish will milk it to the death cause its release can be some kind break through for her
  16. So as i said befre no "i would like to apologize to absolutely nobody" lines and it sound the same like it was sound in june of 2022 Madonna "involved" its a promo story cause she approved it they just to give her credit and im guess she will not promote it
  17. even BTUTTB almost not charting anywhere with huge viral moment its club release on small edm label we will be happy if it give some boost to her Spotify numbers
  18. well its kind a hilarious that while the all media so worried about Bey but there almost silence about BJORK has lost her 16th! Grammy nomination she has zero like ABBA ( they had 4 nomination this year)
  19. and like this Beyoncé, the all-time leading Grammy winner, should never attend another Grammy Awards.” — LA Times on the GRAMMYs not awarding Beyoncé Album Of The Year. even message for Beyoncé was spotted in the sky in Los Angeles: “Beyoncé, you made music history.” they all made her look like a victim of the system like she so underrated but in fact she set the all time record love the Grimes spill some tea
  20. but it is the final mix it wont change lol by the way it sound the same to me like it was sound in blondish sets before in 2022
  21. Cmon guys Ricardo just doin what she told him Steven Klein recently doin the same stuff with her pics
  22. yeap i still don't get it too she serving left and right beautiful long hairs with different color in her insta but in events she made ugly braids or use wig the only except was last pride
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