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  1. So lets talk about it. this was one of the main topics i saw on the forum, some members released two songs from the LA show and that was amazing. But i also read the comments that they will never share the full audio, aint know the reason, maybe they bought it but they don't wanna sold it, maybe they traded some stuff but the don't wanna trade anymore (not sure about it) but at the end i can't understand the difference between LA and Detroit show, cause we also have to versions of Detroit show the HBO broadcast (More natural) and the edited one, and to be honest madonna was really honest about DWT edition, i mean not autotune (just in some songs LOL as Impressive and Nobody) and the sound is really clear, madonna's vocals are just amazing. So at the end the only thing that could be different maybe are the speeches, some screams and the interaction with the audience. what we need is a release of the S&S 2009 Soundboard cause it contains "Holiday" "Dress u up" "frozen" LIVE!!! that's something better than DWT, SORRY. so what do you think is the reason why DWT LA is never gonna be release?
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