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  1. Ashley Nichols

    Beautiful Stranger by the smallest margin due to it being more iconic than Beautiful Killer.
  2. Ashley Nichols

    You're welcome. For some reason after listening to that I think she sold out on 'I Rise' which could have been a real high energy Pride anthem, more realistic than Gaga's Born This Way.
  3. Ashley Nichols

    I kinda wish she did this mash up of 'Girl Gone Wild' and Donna Summer's 'She Works Hard for the Money' before 'I Rise'.
  4. Ashley Nichols

    This was the story I read about the release.
  5. Ashley Nichols

    Seriously on SoundCloud there are some really good remixes. Better than the official remixes she's commissioning.
  6. Ashley Nichols

    Isn't she re-releasing her first 4 albums on vinyl? Seriously next year is the 30th anniversary of Vogue. Hopefully there is a re-release of that single with new remixes coming out.
  7. Ashley Nichols

    That's very true.
  8. Ashley Nichols

    If you were around and old enough in 1992, you probably would have really appreciated 'Erotica' it's her most underrated album and the one where she really did re-write the rule books and break a lot of pop star taboo boundaries. And along with Truth or Dare it inspired and corrupted a lot of her queer fans. :D As she sings in 'Where life begins' - it's finger lickin good! ;)
  9. Ashley Nichols

    'Look of Love' from Who's That Girl Tour is a really underrated piece. Yet from most of the footage we're seeing from Madame X. Her performance of this song is way more powerful and fits the MadameX manifesto than any of her old hits she's performing on this tour.
  10. Ashley Nichols

    It's not my favourite tour, yet it's fun and a totally 80's rock concert. I'm amazed none of the drag queens on Rupaul's Drag Race didn't copy the kitsch bustier corset she wore for the Dress You Up-Material Girl-Like A Virgin medley from that tour.
  11. Ashley Nichols

    I would have loved to have seen Liz Rosenberg appear in the Sex Book as a naughty pot smoking bisexual secretary.
  12. Ashley Nichols

    Madonna should have never left Sire/Warner.
  13. Ashley Nichols

    Guy Ritchie was the worse thing that happened to Madonna. I seriously believe she's naturally compatible with latin men as lovers and they suit her visually as well. If Ritchie wasn't around I feel American Life and Confessions On A Dancefloor would have been to the same calibre of Ray of Light. She would have been eating up the new sounds unashamedly and collaborating with more edgy producers, songwriter and musicians. Yet marriage to Ritchie and motherhood with Rocco put so many restraints on her. Blonde Ambition was a ground breaking tour and her performance of songs like Express Yourself, Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer, Holiday on the tour are iconic, yet the Girlie Show was her most originally creative tour and hasn't been beaten yet. Madonna's indie films of the 90's are underrated. Seriously there are some M gems in the 90's era and Bedtime Stories was let down by the album graphics. That's one album cover where an 90's indie graphic designer and photographer could have pulled off an iconic covers for the Bedtime Stories album and the singles. Instead we got a half baked result which was a let down. There needs to be a re-issue of the Erotica and Sex Book in a box set with the original uncensored cover idea for Erotica.
  14. What M albums do you think would fit thematically with the Madame X Tour. For me: Erotica - Words, In This Life, Bad Girl, Thief of Hearts, Secret Garden, Where Life Begins True Blue - Live to tell (also Look of Love from that era) American Life - American Life, X-Static Process, Easy Ride, Nobody Knows Me Like A Prayer - Till Death Do Us Part, Express Yourself, Pray for Spanish Eyes MDNA - Beautiful Killer, Falling Free Confessions On a Dance Floor - Like it or Not, Forbidden Love Ray of Light - Swim, To Have Not to Hold, Sky Fits Heaven
  15. Ashley Nichols

    If you don't have consent. Don't touch anyone. It's highly unlikely she'll consent to most people touching her, so it's probably a NO.