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  1. Vogue Express Yourself (with Donna and Nikki) Music / Holiday medley Ray of Light (with Lenny Kravitz) Like A Prayer
  2. Ashley

    Deeper and Deeper Nothing Really Matters (Particularly the Kruder and Dorfmeister Remix) Secret Garden Express Yourself Pray for Spanish Eyes Beautiful Stranger Ray of Light Erotica Secret In This Life
  3. Confessions was a good commercial mainstream hit. It's definitely not a definitive Madonna album. I'm certain history will show that SP wasn't the best choice.
  4. Stuart Price is someone I think worked well on the Drowned World Tour for M, yet she should have moved him on from being a major player in her posse after that. I don't think their collaboration did the careers of either of them well in the long term. I've said this before, yet the Guy Ritchie era for M was a massive fail. I have a feeling if M was a free agent during those years we may have had a few more ground breaking albums musically. MX could have even been born during that time as well. Even Music has all the right chemistry, yet you can tell it could have been really magical if she didn't have the shackles of Ritchie. It's like a damp hessian cloth was put over the lamp of creativity and genius and it's never really started to recover until now with MX.
  5. Ashley

    In This Life - GIrlie Show (1993) I Deserve It - Drowned World Tour (2001) Look of Love - Who's That Girl Tour (1987)
  6. Ashley

    We need a Kruder and Dorfmeister and Groove Armada remix of this song.
  7. Ashley

    This song needs to be remixed by Kruder and Dorfmeister and Groove Armada.
  8. Ashley

    I hope that's from the video for the song. It'd be great if M did a 90s art house style video for IDSIF.
  9. Ashley

    Blonde Ambition - The Metropolis theme and the boys dancing to Everybody/Express Yourself before M is elevated to the stage will always be memorable. The Girlie Show - The calliope fanfare making way for Carrie Ann Inaba to dance down the pole before Mistress Dita rises to summon everyone to her enchantment is just pure art in my opinion. Who's That Girl Tour - M dancing with a bentwood chair behind a white screen, whilst Tamara Łempicka images are projected onto the stage and the male dancers make their first appearances. Drowned World Tour - Made a statement, yet could have been a bit more Kabbalic and the punk costumes and theme could have been designed a lot more effectively. Vivienne Westwood should have designed the costumes for that segment.
  10. Ashley

    Beast Within (Girlie Show) Paradise (DWT) What if Feels Like for a Girl (DWT) - Not a big fan of the song (the lyrics are bit too whinging victim mentality for me, yet I do really love the opening monologue by Charlotte Gainsbourg), yet the remix was good and the anime made it cool.
  11. Ashley

    I wish M went back to releasing a few remix eps with different remixers and a good 12" to get us going all night. Aah those were the days. I don't think we've had anything really like that since Music was released in 2000.
  12. Something definitely wasn't right on the night. I actually wished they had Miriam Margolyes on with her that night.
  13. Her attitude when she appeared on the Graham Norton Show was appalling and we'll probably look back on that as a sign of troubles ahead.
  14. I think you're onto something. I get the feeling it hasn't panned out the artistic way she imagined or wanted and her injuries have just exacerbated her frustration and annoyance. I still believe she didn't have the right people helping her putting this tour together.