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  1. This is more like an award show for advertisements than actual appreciation for artists. Thanks god I never watch television ​
  2. ACT I - Lose yourself 1. Bitch I'm Madonna 2. Unapologetic Bitch 3. Vogue/Erotica/Rescue Me 4. Deeper and Deeper 5. Veni Vedi Vici Beast Within/Devil Pray Spoken Mix (Interlude) ACT II - Fight for survival 6. Another suitcase in another Hall 7. Heartbreak City 8. Joan Of Arc (Acoustic) 9. Rebel Heart 10. Easy Ride Falling Free (Interlude) ACT III - Greater consciousness 11. Mer Girl 12. Nobody Knows Me/Human Nature/American Life (Acoustic) 13. Sanctuary/Justify My Love/Like a Prayer (Video Interlude) 14. Nothing Really Matters 15. Die Another Day Jump (Interlude) ACT IV - Reign of the People 16. Illuminati 17. Intervention 18. Music 19. Fighting Spirit 20. Living For Love
  3. Ilosz

    This is the home video version. Such a pitty it was a false report.
  4. Hey guys! I have a nice finding for you. Here you have the whole show (not the cut one) in HD: Yet it is only available for subscribes, but if one could record and edit it with the original DTS audio I think we could see many many happy faces :3
  5. Ilosz

    They are trying to fix now I suppose.
  6. Ilosz

    Somebody get Madonna on line and tell how depressed we are!
  7. Ilosz

    You got: The Lovers You love to be in relationships, and you tend to put a great amount of thought into making decisions that will affect others' happiness. In general, you're talented at making difficult choices because despite your powerful emotions, you have a level head. In the many relationships I have been in lately...
  8. Ilosz

    Hey Guys! Just wanted to share with you guys my new single called "From Chaos To Harmony". It features two instrumental song. Harmony is an Orchestral track with great emphasis on piano and drums. I done this song when i regained my power after I broke up with my gf. The other song, Chaos could be hardly labeled as it features ballad parts and some harder electronic and ambient parts, so it is basically a mixture of some genres. I hope you will like them! Here can you check them out: If you liked it please share it with your friends and I would be really pleased, if you could buy the single. Cheers, Ilosz
  9. Ilosz

    Something To Remember II Love: [*]Drowned World/Substitute for Love [*]Masterpiece [*]I Deserve It [*]Love Profusion [*]Nothing Fails [*]Time Stood Still [*]X-Static Process [*]Messiah [*]Miles Away [*]The Power Of Good-Bye Broken: [*]Frozen [*]Love Spent (Acoustic) [*]Devil Wouldn't Recognize You [*]HeartBreak City [*]Wash All Over Me [*]Joan of Arc (Acoustic) [*]Paradise (Not for Me) [*]Ghosttown [*]Falling Free Bonus Tracks: [*]If You Go Away (2004 Musical) [*]Heaven (Rebel Heart Unreleased) [*]Is this Love (Bon D'Accord) (2004 Musical) [*]The Game ( American Life Unreleased) [*]Like A Flower ( Ray Of Light Unreleased) [*]Tragic Girl (Rebel Heart Unreleased)
  10. Ilosz

    She will perform and that was it? Not a too long show, I must say.
  11. Ilosz

    Lol Stream 3 is something different, but sound is so bad on Stream 1 :O