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  1. All right guys, it's december, time to express wishes for Christmas. Now, we all were expecting a full Madame X world tour immersive digital experience, but the phone banning policy stoped this to happen, disappointing some (if not many) of us. So I was thinking that a pair of old unreleased tracks (especially from the Bedtime Stories session) would really be a good gift to help us waiting for the late 2020-21 Dvd release (if she's really still interested in doing it). And I really don't wanna think of the wait we have in front of us for a new proper album, since she's going to direct a movie after the tour. My prayer is: be generous guys, share some joy with the other fandom dudes on this Christmas month. Let's enjoy these holidays together!!!

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    2. poserdemadonna


      My only wish is for Madonna to come to Brazil

    3. Andymad


      👏🏻Express👏🏻Yourself👏🏻Vocals! Come on baby. Pretty please.

    4. emanon


      Madame X demos...all!