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  1. The lyrics are simple: it's the production that makes Nobody's Perfect a great track. Anyway, there are several good songs with simple lyrics.
  2. Agree, such an overrated ballad... it sounds like the bad copy of The Power of Goodbye.
  3. Yes, Music is not really coherent: Amazing and Runaway Lover should have been "reworked" by Mirwais... anyway, still a great album.
  4. Well, neither her best album, nor her worst one. Some really great songs such as Secret and Bedtime Story, but way too many boring fillers... it definitely lacks the energy of Erotica, Ray of Light and Music. Anyway, the four videos are amazing.
  5. Yes. She used just Hanky Panky and Sooner or Later... ok, and Now I'm etc etc as an interlude.
  6. Cheap arrangements, cheesy lyrics, irritating vocals... may I go on? Wait, do you praise I'm Breathless because it belongs to your adolescence? Honestly buddy, there's a reason if even Madonna forgot to promote that album on Blond Ambition Tour.
  7. But sh*tty songs such as Back in Business and He's a Man deserve low ratings
  8. Because they are irritating, grating tracks... but as a whole, I'm Breathless is just a bad, rushed album, made for just one purpose: Dick Tracy promotion.
  9. Give It 2 Me was a hit almost everywhere, therefore I don't know WTF you're talking about it.
  10. Well, I got some unpopular opinions. From The First Album to Vogue, I've little to complain: yes, to me I'm Breathless is just a pointless album, a collection of cheesy, irritating songs - and Holiday, Angel, Dress You Up, Causing A Commotion, The Look Of Love should have been promoted with REAL videos - but she always chose the right singles to promote her albums. I'm still not sure about Erotica as lead single: IMHO Rain could have been a better choice, and it would have mitigated the controversy around the SEX book... and why she chose Fever as fifth single whe there was something like Why's It So Hard? Music promotion should have been longer, and [first unpopular opinion] the Above & Beyond remix of What It Feels Like For A Girl is definitely one of her most perplexing choices: I mean, not only the album version is better, but with all the great tracks in Music, why ending the brief Music promotion with such a generic, forgettable remix? WHY? What was the point of that? To show Guy Ritchie's "talent"? The whole American Life era: [second unpopular opinion] sorry but I DON'T GET THE HYPE. It's not a bad album, I overall like it, but the result doesn't match its political, songwriting ambitions. it totally lacks a killer track, and the title track is a mess that deserves all the bad reviews. Beat Goes On and She's Not Me deserved a video treatment, and it could have changed the perception of Hard Candy... [third unpopular opinion] Hard Candy is a good album with an awful cover. MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X: too much vocoder, too much autotune, too much trash, too many bad vocals, too many shitty collaborations, too many ordinary/cheapish productions, and so on. Edit. I forgot her acting career... with some fine exceptions, I'm still trying to forget it.
  11. I dislike the last two albums, but that doesn't mean I would have preferred another collaboration with Orbit. The '90s are over.
  12. Sorry, my mistake; I forgot that Like a Flower was a Nowels' production. Anyway, I disagree about Liquid Love and Run.
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