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    LIKE A VIRGIN , 12" SIDE 1- 45RPM (EXTENDED DANCE REMIX) BY jOHN "jELLY BEAN" BENITEZ 6:07 side 2 - 45 rpm STAY (Madonna /Steve Bray) 4:04 produced by Nile Rodgers for Nile Rodgers Production, INC. 1984 Marketed by Warner Bros - Made in USA The strange thing is that being the size of 12 "is a 45rpm
  2. Papo Olortiga

    I'm new in the forum. I have 2 Madonna album that I HAVE NOT FINDED THROUGH THE INTERNET, and I want to sell them, I think they are rare, however I find that what is offered on ebay or amazon does not exceed 20 dollars in its majority. I planned to sell these minimum albums at 100 dollars, what comments can you make about it. I send you more detail below.