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    Erotica vs. Survival Fever vs. Secret Bye Bye Baby vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover Deeper and Deeper vs. Don't Stop Where Life Begins vs. Inside of Me Bad Girl vs. Human Nature Waiting vs. Forbidden Love Thief of Hearts vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me Words vs. Sanctuary Rain vs. Bedtime Story Why's It So Hard vs. Take a Bow In This Life vs. Freedom Did You Do It? vs. Let Down Your Guard Secret Garden vs. Your Honesty
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    Drowned World/Substitute For Love vs. Hung Up Swim vs. Get Together Ray of Light vs. Sorry Candy Perfume Girl vs. Future Lovers Skin vs. I Love New York Nothing Really Matters vs. Let It Will Be Sky Fits Heaven vs. Forbidden Love Shanti/Ashtangi vs. Jump Frozen vs. How High The Power of Good-Bye vs. Isaac To Have and Not to Hold vs. Push Little Star vs. Like It or Not Mer Girl vs. History Has to Be vs. Super Pop Be Careful vs. Fighting Spirit
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    1 Crazy 2 Killers Who Are Partying 3 Extreme Occident 4 I Don't Search I Find 5 God Control
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    Hard Candy and MDNA
  6. Hopefully! Perhaps that's why she started posting #MadameXTheatre instead of #MadameXTour.
  7. During one interview given in July, Jean Paul Gaultier stated: " I created a collection of costumes for her new tour Madame X. She wanted more black, more leather. Something Gothic." I've been wondering what happened to this costumes since they're not being worn. At first I thought he could be talking about the costume she wore at the Eurovision appearance, but that took place in May, months before Gaultier's interview and he clearly used the word TOUR. I remember that once or twice Madonna postec stories on Instagram with the hashtag MadameXTour showing what seemed to be variations of that shoulder armor. What are your thoughts about it? Is there something more awaiting us or she just had a last minute change of heart and decided not to wear his creations for the tour?
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    Take a Bow
  9. Vinny Fonseca

    MDNA and Hard Candy
  10. Vinny Fonseca

    I'll Remember You'll See The Power of Good Bye Rain Easy Ride
  11. Vinny Fonseca

    Probably The Blonde Ambition and The Re-Invention Tour DVD's will be released posthumously as well as most of the unreleased tracks. Speaking of which, many unrealeased songs and demo versions are way better than entire albums. At first I kinda hated Madame X and found it messy. I used to despise Batuka and Crazy. Now they are among my favorites, but I still can't stand Faz Gostoso, Looking For Mercy, Bitch I'm Loca, Future and Come Alive. I skip those most of times. I'm afraid that, at some point, she may be forced to postpone/cancel the tour due to a surgery to fix that knee injury. (God forbid it! Especially before the show I'll be attending in Lisbon). 🙏 I hope that one day she hits the road with a greatest hits tour, singing the studio versions without ruining her classics with dreadful remixes. She should also have an "MTV-unplugged-like" show/live album performing some underrated songs such as "I'll Remember", "The Power of Good Bye", "You'll See","Bad Girl", "Joan of Arc"- just to name a few.
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    Which one do you find more iconic?