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  1. Vinny Fonseca

    If she removed Papa Don´t Preach because it was aimed at the American scenario, she should´ve added Easy Ride, then. It would have made total sense : "round and round just like a circle", "...I come full circle to my place then I am home...".
  2. Vinny Fonseca

    No more jump squats either, apparently.
  3. Crazy Killers Who Are Partying Extreme Occident I Don´t Search I Find I Rise
  4. Vinny Fonseca

    Did she perform Sodade or nah?
  5. Vinny Fonseca

    So was I! That was sort of cringy and I felt bad for her. Especially because some mean people took the chance to bash her by saying she´s decadent when in fact she was struggling to push her limits and make a statement. I mean, what´s the point? She´s way above it all! She just needs to realize that.
  6. Vinny Fonseca

    Madonna herself stated that she wasn't planning to work on new material and put out an album as she moved to Lisbon. She was intending to produce a new movie or something. I may be wrong, but I guess it´ll take us a while before having another album and/or tour. Especially after her knee injury. Probably she´s going to undergo a knee surgery or other proper treatment and settle down for some time. I don´t think we are seeing the last of her. But what if she decides to stay out of the spotlight for the time being, e.g the gap we had between the Girlie Show and Drowned World Tour?
  7. Can you imagine the fuss if she had sung "Killers Who Are Partying" changing the lyrics to "I'll be Palestine, if they`re incarcerated " just like she´s been doing on tour? Maybe that was her intention and that´s why she decided to have those two dancers holdings hands with the flags of Israel and Palestine on their backs...
  8. Vinny Fonseca

    I wish I could go to one of the concerts in Miami. Actually, I requested 2 tickets during that lottery thing, but I was told my request had been declined due to " an overwhelming demand". Now that I got tickets and planned everything to see her in Lisbon, I learned that there are hundreds of tickets available on ticketmaster. Go Figure! Well, at least I've never been to Portugal before and Madame X Tour was a great excuse to travel somewhere new.
  9. Vinny Fonseca

    Confessions Tour ( Very classy and the iconic disco ball) Re-Invention Tour (Hauntingly beautiful - The Beast Within, the masks, the boomerangs) Rebel Heart Tour (Loved how she made a self-reference wearing the Oscar 1991 look) MDNA Tour ( Impressive how she brought the Botafumeiro ritual from the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to stage) Sticky & Sweet Tour (The Sweet Machine Intro along with the moving screens - my very first Madonna tour)
  10. Vinny Fonseca

    My top 5 in no particular order: Justify My Love - MDNA Tour Sorry (Remix) - Confessions Tour Bedtime Story - Re-Invention Tour Illuminati - Rebel Heart Tour Paradise (Not For Me) - Drowned World Tour
  11. Vinny Fonseca

    Well, according to the Daily Mail and the video she posted, it´s an alternative treatment called Autohematotherapy in which the blood is drawn, infused with ozone and vitamins (sometimes exposed to ultraviolet light ) before being reinserted. Source:
  12. Vinny Fonseca

    A few minutes ago Madonna posted this pics on her stories. She added the tag #Rehab and it looks like she's getting blood transfusion. Any thoughts on what kind of treatment is that?