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  1. SmartSelect_20210729-145244_Instagram.thumb.jpg.869d538c66e8ca4a106b21042d99638e.jpg

    Show how you feel with a Madonna photo..

  2. oh wait.. Music has about 30 mixes

    1. PanditaRulez


      Well it was the biggest hit of the 2000 year  :hearteyes:

  3. Can someone explain why Ghosttown has 26 remixes?

    1. RUADJAI


      Probably to ensure she broke the record (George Straight) of 45 #1's on a single chart? The more remixes, the better the chances of a dance #1. 

    2. professormouse


      How many did Into The Groove originally have ?

    3. EgoRod
  4. ADORE is here

    1. RUADJAI


      You bought it? what do you think?

    2. EgoRod


      It's nice. I think they put all of the photos in there. when in an photoshoot you take lots of pictures to keep the very few best. But it's a nice compilation. I am not sure how exciting could get to flip through that many photos of madonna over a sheet of plastic in a sofa looking at the camera. 

  5. "You did enjoy my pink hair, sleek look? Have this grills!"

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