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  1. SimonVenekeo

    What's Next? By Monday, June 3 at 12 Noon ET, we'll let you know by text and email if your ticket request was confirmed or not. If not, no charges will apply.
  2. SimonVenekeo

    Guys, they're joking lol. But I guess to answer @yaggiexquestion, most people will stand up all night, and might sit for a slower song/ballad.
  3. SimonVenekeo

    I feel that original announcement they released the wrong set of dates and the 22nd and 23rd will be the last added ones.
  4. SimonVenekeo

    Let’s just not get all worked up with things she might not do like last time like Hold Tight and the taiko drums.
  5. SimonVenekeo

    You can. You just don’t have the barcode until before the event. I’ve done this exact thing with Ed Sheeran tickets.
  6. SimonVenekeo

    Got my Chicago ticket acceptance email!
  7. SimonVenekeo

    I have a feeling this is by some worker who’s got no real idea and one will take place. I doubt every single ticket was sold via this and even hardcore fans would have exhausted the limit at some point.
  8. SimonVenekeo

    Just saw a pic of LA tickets confirmations being sent!
  9. SimonVenekeo

    It says you can yes.
  10. SimonVenekeo

    You can only win tickets to one show in one city. Unless you're Legacy you can win one other show in a different city.
  11. SimonVenekeo

    Omg that's amazing! Congrats!!
  12. SimonVenekeo

    Yep, Katy Perry was exposed for it for her 2011 California Dreams Tour in her tour rider: - The rider also alerts promoters that they may be required to hold back tickets for concerts so that Perry & Co. can provide the ducats to “resellers” for “distribution to the public” on the “secondary market.” In other words, Perry reserves the right to pocket some of the proceeds from the sale of tickets--not made available at face price to her fans--scalped at inflated prices by these brokers.
  13. SimonVenekeo

    Any artist makes $0.00 off the secondary market, that's all pure profit to the seller and the reseller site, they only make off the sale from the original face value. But Ticketmaster and artists are actually known for selling off their tickets to sites like StubHub so I'm sure if she wanted to Madonna could get an under the table kickback too.
  14. SimonVenekeo

    If you're a Legacy member you can apply for another show in a different city, but then it makes no difference since afterwards you would be placed into the general requests priority anyways and It doesn't specify how many requests a general person can make.
  15. SimonVenekeo

    Yeah it doesn't state what happens with those on the waitlist if they can apply again, which I guess you could, or even just make another e-mail lol. ALREADY VERIFIED – NOTHING FOR YOU TO DO! Tickets for all Verified Fan code holders go on sale this Friday, 24-May at 9am at Tickets for the newly added shows will be available to Verified Icon Legacy members beginning this morning – Monday, 20-May at 9am through Tuesday, 21 (4pm). Citi is the official presale credit card of the Madame X tour and as such, Citi credit and debit cardholders who received their Verified Fan code can take advantage of a special Citi Presale beginning Wednesday, 22-May at 9AM and through Thursday, 23-May at 4PM . Tickets will be limited to 4 tickets per person.