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  1. SimonVenekeo

    The nerve to post the delayed NYC World Pride merchandise lol.
  2. SimonVenekeo

    Ordered mine on the 14th when I heard it wasn’t either a special order in Canada or was going to be about $40. So I got it on Amazon for about $21 CDN shipped from UK as well!
  3. SimonVenekeo

    At best Rescue Me as an interlude into I Don’t Search I Find.
  4. Y’all don’t even claim it as a studio album even though it’s all her music.
  5. SimonVenekeo

    Lmao sounds like the ticket request lottery.
  6. Isn’t the Apple store thing remixes you are making yourself? It’s the GarageBand program and it’s just Crave that they’re using as the song to mix.
  7. SimonVenekeo

    For contests in the UK they have to provide a no purchase necessary link.
  8. SimonVenekeo

    Not sure who’s getting it but it’s been received.
  9. SimonVenekeo

    I was saying to a friend her last promo appearance was 2005 with Much More Music?
  10. SimonVenekeo

    I did see someone in a FB group post it, they were in either Asia or Australia.
  11. SimonVenekeo

    The photos look great!!! I'm especially loving these ones!!! Did you get the 2CD deluxe as well?
  12. SimonVenekeo

    Omg, are they serious? To send you an email for the album? I tried to 'order' it and it was $10.99 to 'ship' to Canada. Her store is a joke.
  13. SimonVenekeo

    Think it's safe to say that's long done now. A friend of mine did Miami and heard nothing as well.