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  1. Christopher Dean

    She can come on at 4 am keep me waiting and spit in my face and i will 💜 her just the same.what if the mail came 3 hours late,my laundry 3 hours chinese takeout 3 hours datee 3 hours tv show 3 hours blah blah blah. Who cares its once every four years.why are you on here your not a true fan.nobody cares what you think.
  2. Christopher Dean

    I hope she comes on at 3.that sounds a night owl too so the later the better.
  3. Christopher Dean

    Did you hear the latest i heard she quit everything because of you. Ahh ha your pathetic.All you do is talk negative about her.this is a place for fans why are you here.Really why are you still here.
  4. Christopher Dean

    Please tell me how to find it.appreciate immensely!
  5. Christopher Dean

    No know it all he was just as late to the concerts he did here in the carolinas and no one had a melt down like yall.geez never go to another Madonna concert then.
  6. Christopher Dean

    Now everybody knows so you cant say we didnt tell you so. There will sill be colums upon colums on this no matter what.
  7. Christopher Dean

    No i went to plenty of his and he came just as late and played til 3 in the morning.i 💜 that all you have to worry about your good.
  8. Christopher Dean

    THEN DONT GO!! More room for the rest of us.
  9. Christopher Dean

    Prince did numerous late night intimate gigs and if you dont like it stay home and sleep.shes our Queen its only one night every four years.your no fan i can tell you that.
  10. Christopher Dean

    Really,Prince did numerous late intimate gigs and no one cried about it.It was cute when she mocked Kevin Costner and told her MTV storytime audience about ms.spider saying if you dont shut up i will go home.We LOVED it.we are lucky shes still here and touring.This is our Queen we let her get away with every little thing because there is no. Waother.If you cant handle staying up and waiting one night every 4 years then dont go.No wonder they hate us.Long live the Queen.Shame on you,you are no fan.She has plenty of money she can do what she wants.