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  1. Nobody Knows Me

    This would have been so much better. Also, that Holiday and Get Together mashup sounds extraordinary!
  2. Nobody Knows Me

    Something I really would have loved is if she’d performed Get Together as the encore of the show wearing the outfit she wears performing Crave. That would have been brilliant in my opinion.
  3. Nobody Knows Me

    Madame X Tour could’ve had some really epic video interludes using the multiple persona thing. What It Feels Like For a Girl, Beautiful Killer, Soltera, Bad Girl all come to mind.
  4. Nobody Knows Me

    • Bedtime Story (Re-Invention World Tour) • Justify My Love (The MDNA Tour) • Die Another Day (Sticky & Sweet Tour) • What It Feels Like For a Girl (Drowned World Tour)
  5. Nobody Knows Me

    1. Confessions Tour 2. Blond Ambition World Tour 3. Re-Invention World Tour 4. The MDNA Tour
  6. Nobody Knows Me

    This is absolutely devastating. I really hope they finish this project and release it for the next big greatest hits collection but it’s highly unlikely now that she’s left Warner Bros. I pray that this anniversary reissue of Like a Prayer will be the Stuart Price DVDA remaster, but again, unlikely.
  7. Nobody Knows Me

    I read that Stuart Price was involved in the project and was going to remaster the albums in DVDA format - but I don’t know whether this is true or not. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if it’s true and they use the Stuart Price remaster of the Like a Prayer album for the 30th anniversary edition?
  8. Nobody Knows Me

    But that would could mean a tour of electric guitar for 2 hours, performing a rock mix of Candy Shop...
  9. Nobody Knows Me

    I definitely would have preferred her doing a warm fado version of Who’s That Girl instead of Welcome to My Fado Club / La Isla Bonita.
  10. Nobody Knows Me

    I do kind of agree. I was hoping this would be a lot more theatrical, however there are several performances that do look fantastic and I can’t wait to hear and see live, specifically Frozen.
  11. Nobody Knows Me

    With some songs she says she doesn’t like to do it on two tours in a row, which may be why she didn’t include it on this tour. However, there are other songs such as La Isla Bonita and Candy Shop which she has no problem doing on more than two tours in a row.
  12. Nobody Knows Me

    I would love to see her explore the geisha look and influence further but I imagine it could cause a lot of controversy in this day and age.
  13. Nobody Knows Me

    Looking For Mercy. Stunning ballad and deserved to be included on the Madame X Tour.
  14. Nobody Knows Me

    Let us pray that there are no more cancellations, her knee gets better as soon as possible and this tour gets nothing but rave reviews to stabilise her touring reputation for the future.
  15. Nobody Knows Me

    That does sound brilliantly. I’d like it if she did a tour where she does a stadium and arena huge production show for most of the tour and then a few stripped down shows in smaller venues interspersed where she does fan favourites, big ballads, acoustic numbers etc. That would be something I would love to see.