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  1. Nobody Knows Me

    I feel this way too. I have tickets for London but I don’t want to see her go through this amount of pain.
  2. Nobody Knows Me

    I personally think that she should cancel the tour. She is going against her doctors wishes now and she very clearly needs to rest.
  3. Nobody Knows Me

    I’m not saying you have to go. I mean, I’ve gathered all my opinions on Madonna’s tours based on professional recordings, I’ve never seen her live. However, I personally am going to wait to see the professional recording of the entire show before I make a final judgment.
  4. Nobody Knows Me

    I never said different equalled good. However, because this isn’t a huge spectacle like the tours you mentioned, it may take more getting used to, and I will personally need to watch the show in its entirety before I state whether or not it’s her worst tour.
  5. Nobody Knows Me

    You never know, you might change your mind when you see the full show on DVD. This tour is very different from her past tours so it probably will take more than posts on Instagram to get people into it, including myself.
  6. Nobody Knows Me

    I was actually surprised she didn't open the tour with "Batuka". I definitely think it's one of the most powerful songs on the album.
  7. Nobody Knows Me

    I would love all of this more than anything, and it is a shame that she is so reluctant towards doing a Greatest Hits Tour, as I personally think it would be the right thing to do in a few years career-wise. It would definitely be a success, and like you said it doesn’t have to be the big exhausting 80-something date tour. A summer stadium tour would definitely be easier for her in terms of energy and seeing her kids. I hope she comes round to the idea eventually.
  8. Nobody Knows Me

    Honestly, I agree. She’s due another Greatest Hits compilation anyway. Get her knee looked at first and foremost, then perhaps a big Greatest Hits box set in 2021 and then an arena tour in 2022 to celebrate her fortieth anniversary in music.
  9. Nobody Knows Me

    I must admit, I don't think it's great the way that today's cancellation has been handled. This is clearly taking its toll on her and I really am worried for her at this point. I really don't want this to jeopardise her health.
  10. Nobody Knows Me

    In no particular order because that would be way too hard: The Descent Halloween The Breakfast Club Carrie Scream Rosemary's Baby Mean Girls Spice World (I grew up loving it and it aged like fine wine!) Desperately Seeking Susan Fatal Attraction
  11. Nobody Knows Me

    Honestly, if people get their money back and she went and rescheduled theatre dates, I can’t see many people bothering buying again.
  12. Nobody Knows Me

    I don’t believe she’s trying to upset anyone, and I do believe she feels she can get through it. However, as excited as I am for my show, I really do feel she just needs to cancel the rest of this tour and rest, before she does permanent damage.
  13. Nobody Knows Me

    A return to Maverick would be fantastic. And I agree, I don’t think Interscope does her much justice either.
  14. Nobody Knows Me

    I don’t want her to return to Warner for more success, nobody said that. Nobody is “living in a twilight zone”, I just think they could handle her better, and we have more of a shot of the re-issues if she goes back, like Prince did when he went back. We have more of a chance of her paying attention to her back catalogue.
  15. Nobody Knows Me

    I would personally like her to make a new deal with Warner, but I can’t see her going back.