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  1. Nobody Knows Me

    It’s hardly crying, just sharing different opinions. And why does it need a huge edit? It’s an intimate and smaller-scale tour and I just think a DVD should reflect that.
  2. Nobody Knows Me

    Yeah it’d be great, and I also think it could be better for her instead of the huge 80+ date tours.
  3. 16 is Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  4. Nobody Knows Me

    Susan Thomas
  5. Nobody Knows Me

    Yeah, I really do miss the live element present on her older tours, and it’ll be a shame if the Madame X Tour DVD is as corrected and filtered as The MDNA Tour and Rebel Heart Tour DVDs were.
  6. Nobody Knows Me

    Some Girls
  7. Nobody Knows Me

    Looking For Mercy
  8. Nobody Knows Me

    I’ve had so many lives since I was a child
  9. Nobody Knows Me

    Go to Texas, isn’t that where they golf?
  10. Nobody Knows Me

    Blond Ambition World Tour
  11. Nobody Knows Me

    Yeah that’d be great. I get that she doesn’t like the idea of doing an 80+ dates greatest hits tour in the future (as much as I’d love it) but it could generate more buzz if she announced a limited date summer stadium tour perhaps.
  12. Nobody Knows Me

    No. It’s her life and she can do what she wants but personally I think they look horrible and I hate what they’re doing to her speech as well. And I thought they were totally unnecessary in the Ghosttown video. What person is going to be wearing grills during a damn apocalypse?