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  1. Nobody Knows Me

    Not to my knowledge. At my show they did fado versions of Who’s That Girl, Secret, Don’t Tell Me and Like a Virgin. Then we waited for over an hour until she got onstage.
  2. Nobody Knows Me

    If it is true then I wonder what they had in store for the What It Feels Like For a Girl and Justify My Love interludes...
  3. Nobody Knows Me

    Oh yeah, I remember seeing this at the time and being really pleased with the songs she selected for the show but then really confused by the ordering of it.
  4. Nobody Knows Me

    I just wanted Rescue Me
  5. Nobody Knows Me

    I recall her mentioning What It Feels Like For a Girl in one of her Instagram posts but wasn’t sure if she was actually rehearsing it, but it could’ve fit the themes in the tour so well.
  6. Nobody Knows Me

    I’m going to remain hopeful for an Amazon Prime release by the end of the year and a physical release in 2021.
  7. Nobody Knows Me

  8. Nobody Knows Me

    I’m hoping someone will intervene with editing of the vocals on this tour. She sounded better than she had in years at my date so there is no need to tamper with it this time around. I agree with you that she is her own worst enemy to her legacy!
  9. I do hope that thread will come around before then
  10. Nobody Knows Me

    @InterlacedGeekGreat job!
  11. Nobody Knows Me

    Same. I was just rewatching a clip of Girl Gone Wild on The MDNA Tour and it’s truly unbelievable how many jump cuts there were.
  12. Nobody Knows Me

    wouldn’t that be a dream
  13. Nobody Knows Me

    I really hope they make the most out of dress rehearsal close-ups with Frozen...and no fast transitions!
  14. Nobody Knows Me

    I wonder if she’ll go back to releasing shorter live albums with select songs from the show in the vein of Confessions and Sticky & Sweet. Surely they’re not going to include the random dialogue and a-cappella moments on the album.
  15. Nobody Knows Me

    The Honey Dijon remixes for I Don’t Search I Find were amazing, and apparently Casey Schpooner got his writing credit on God Control so I wish they’d get the remixes out for that as well.