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  1. Sorry, I phrased it wrong. I just meant that capturing additional footage for close-up shots is something that she's done before, I wasn't referring to specifically doing re-shoots after the tour ended.
  2. She's likely reshooting for close-up shots, which she did for the Confessions Tour. I think there were rumours that she was supposed to be filming the last two Paris shows for close-ups but they got cancelled due to coronavirus, so perhaps that's why she's doing this now.
  3. Secret Garden Love Tried to Welcome Me or You'll See?
  4. If she's reshooting then can she incorporate that scrapped Rescue Me performance?
  5. God don’t do another hip in reshooting it.
  6. And it looks horrible to me, so I'd hate for them to give the Blond Ambition Tour the same treatment.
  7. She’s been in LA since she got back from Africa I think. She was photographed last week.
  8. That would have been a great thumbnail for the official video as well!
  9. This one looks fantastic! Is this an upscale because if it is then they've done a great job this time.
  10. Thank you for sharing! Please come through Like a Prayer anniversary edition!
  11. She's just had hip surgery, has six children, a movie to make and a concert film to edit. I'm pleasantly stunned that she's found time to record new music.
  12. I don't think it's fair that she's being criticised for this to be honest. Just because she's rich does not retcon the sexism she's faced for almost forty years now.
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