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  1. Nobody Knows Me

    Hold Tight Material Girl or Angel?
  2. Nobody Knows Me

    Bitch I’m Madonna Girl Gone Wild or Living for Love?
  3. Nobody Knows Me

    Bedtime Story Angel or Who’s That Girl?
  4. Nobody Knows Me

    Yeah the energy was more boosted, and yes the choreography didn’t help, but her vocals were already not great. The promo tour she still sounded completely off.
  5. Nobody Knows Me

    Don’t Cry for Me Argentina 4 Minutes or Celebration?
  6. Nobody Knows Me

    I agree. I think Live to Tell - A Memoir could have been great. A book for fans and something to interest the general public, and then Universal can pick it up and a big screenwriter can adapt it into a big biopic directed by a good name. David Fincher would have been my dream. That way critics aren’t going to shut it down for being by Madonna but the facts will be accurate. I will remain optimistic for this though. Hopefully Diablo has prevented it from being too much of a mess.
  7. Nobody Knows Me

    It really is unbelievable how bad her vocals were on that tour. She must’ve just finished the Confessions Tour and fired the vocal coach
  8. Nobody Knows Me

    The shots were brilliant but they didn’t even try to cover up the fact that the vocals are dubbed.
  9. Nobody Knows Me

    Yeah, I was wondering that. Are Universal definitely distributing this biopic?
  10. Nobody Knows Me

    Bad Girl Into the Groove or Express Yourself?
  11. Nobody Knows Me

    The complete reach of the thought of live instrumentation and raw vocals again.
  12. Nobody Knows Me

    If she’s actually working with Patrick Leonard again then I hope Mirwais stays far away from this to be honest.
  13. Nobody Knows Me

    I love how we’ve reached this before the Madame X Tour DVD.
  14. Nobody Knows Me

    Secret Papa Don’t Preach or Oh Father?
  15. Nobody Knows Me