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  1. JimMarq Radenhausen

    Shouldn't have released MX? What'chu talkin' about? In any event, she could have released the most radio-0friendly accessible music of her career, and it wouldn't have sold much more, if more at all. Happens to the best, and all, of them.
  2. JimMarq Radenhausen

    Commercially, no matter what she released first, it would have struggled, in probably most parts of the globe. I don't know if there is one track that would have screamed "She's back!" more than any other, perhaps, again, for the reason previously stated.
  3. JimMarq Radenhausen

    You're welcome, Voguerista. Unless Billboard changes the rules for album redemptions, it should re-enter those charts next week. There have been rumbles that something would change with the start of the new chart year, though not sure if it's Nov.30 or Dec. 7 charts- and it may be merch bundles that are of more concern that album-redemption offers.
  4. JimMarq Radenhausen

    I see not much activity in this forum, so I thought I'd post this. Buzz Angle is a precursor to forthcoming U.S. charts- it's not an exact match or anything, but it gives an idea. Thus, MX should re0enter Billboard's Top Current Albums chart (for a 19th week) and perhaps Top Album Sales (for a 10th week). It likely will never re-enter the Billboard 200, as the sales aren't high enough to offset the relatively low amount of streaming. (It would need weekly sales in the range of 6K-7K or so.) BuzzAngle Album Sales Charts- Friday-Tuesday (in parentheses: ranking trends vs. yesterday's position) U.S. Album Sales: No. 41 (=) Los Angeles: No. 6 (+1) Miami-Fort Lauderdale: No. 7 (+1) San Francisco: No. 25 (-4) Boston (Manchester, NH): No. 19 (+3) Philadelphia: No. 25 (-1)
  5. JimMarq Radenhausen

    Yes, especially from that angle, you cannot grasp the experience that is Madame X.
  6. JimMarq Radenhausen

    Unless Madonna reunites with WB, I doubt it will bother to update her certs. Her albums have sold 75m+ in the USA, per a late-2009 Billboard article, so some albums indeed would be eligible for higher certs. Like a Prayer and Ray of Light, I can see both at 5 million. TIC, of course, could be upped. Singles sales/shipments had dropped to 94 million in 1986, down considerably from 1980. Though I have no doubt that "Live to Tell," a new Madonna single that hit No. 1 without availability on any album at that time, didn't ship 500,000-plus. "Material Girl" would also be a gold contender (note that this just pertains to physical, not digital or adding digital, streaming info, to physical, etc.). WB was not the best at certifying product, so we can't go by a title's last cert and what sales it saw thereafter.
  7. JimMarq Radenhausen

    ^ Noted.
  8. JimMarq Radenhausen

    If it were forgotten favorites, do you mean hits, or album cuts? She could do something like the Anti-Tour, that the Princess of Pop did.
  9. JimMarq Radenhausen

    It's a Billboard survey, thus it's based on the charts. In this instance, week-to-week performance on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts. if it were cultural impact, Madonna would be even higher than 5, and far ahead of other females.
  10. JimMarq Radenhausen

    ^Much thanks. Music makes the people come together.
  11. JimMarq Radenhausen

    On a five-star scale, I'd say 4.5. On a side note- re-Invention Tour may be the closest to a GH tour since 2001, but it would not be classified as such. No GH tour at that point would have five songs (six, counting a verse of "Intervention)" from American Life, nor would it have "The Beast Within," "Hanky Panky," "Lament," etc. Even "Burning Up," while a classic, wouldn't feature. And even "Deeper and Deeper" may miss the cut, unless there are some medleys.
  12. JimMarq Radenhausen

    ^Thank you. Here's the Facebook link for those blocked from accessing the article: https://www.facebook.com/196850637067817/posts/2633287476757442?d=n&sfns=mo
  13. JimMarq Radenhausen

    A strong sophomore effort. It may not have the artistic greatness of albums that followed, but it sure had a huge cultural impact. A note about a non-single (outside if Italian airplay or something to that effect): "Over and Over" remains one of my favorite M songs, period.
  14. JimMarq Radenhausen

    Thanks. This looks like a nice place. ;) Previously, I had written about M in my college newspaper (1995-1997), and then did a one-time column on M at the business journal I had worked in the late 1990s/early 2000s. But this ms my first major M article that's been published on a newspaper site. So it's a nice thing.
  15. JimMarq Radenhausen

    Hi all. Some may know me as HolidayGuy from the MadonnaNation forum. I never really ventured to another M forum outside of that (and DotMusic from back in the day hehe) My Madame X Tour article/review article was posted online recently, so I thought I'd share (outside of the regular reviews thread). If you haven't checked it out already, I request that you do, read if you have the time, etc. If you like it, it would be great to share it on Facebook and Twitter, if applicable. As Madonna is my favorite act, naturally I'd like to see it do as well as it could in page views/visitor count. (A note- our photo on here- from Facebook - would have been us near the BAM stage, but we know why that wasn't possible.) (FYI- Euro readers may have trouble accessing it, as it's, unfortunately, become common for U.S. media to block Europe in the last year or so. For those instances, I can provide a Facebook link to view the text, and would prefer the text not be posted in this thread). Much thanks, and hope you enjoy it. It indeed was a labor of love. Madonna disturbs the peace, enthralls with Madame X Tour