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  1. Then don't read them. You like it better when it's about trashing madonna over and over for her ass, what she wears, whom she dates blah blah ? Last time i checked this was not an anti Madonna forum but i may be wrong judging by the reactions here when one defends her. You are an idiot. At least sickness passes, idiocy is forever. Enjoy.
  2. Yet you don't say why you want others to act like you want them to act when you are not even following what you preach. If you want Madonna to post non edited photos then do the same yourself.
  3. WHO.THE.FUCK.ARE.YOU ? "Some people have to learn to deal with reality" (annoying voice). You're not her father. You want to deal with reality ?Well, you're a man too old to be on a popstar forum so often. And why is your profil pic so blurry and overexposed then ? Can't you deal with how you really look like ?
  4. And i don't understand why posting it on a Madonna forum. Some people here really need a shrink.
  5. Same but i wonder if she remembered who he is hahaha I'm waiting for a pic with him. Meanwhile Getty has exclusive pics from the party (not many of Madonna herself though) Questlove was one of the djs Bruce LaBruce attended even though he keeps trashing her...people are weird.... https://www.gettyimages.fr/search/2/image?family=editorial&phrase=madame+x
  6. If there's any new Basquiat biopic to be made, David is the guy for it. It's ridiculous how much he looks like Jean Michel (and Stella looks a lot like Erika Bell, i wonder if Madonna sees that in her).
  7. The bad girl cover session (i name it like this because it is what it's most well known for but it was actually shot for Vogue Italia) was shot at Azzedine Alaïa's showroom/home/Hotel (one bedroom only, the one in which M was shot) in rue de la Verrerie/rue Moussy in Le Marais, Paris. That's why he's featuring in some shots. The black lace dress she wore at le Boy nightclub is an Alaïa.
  8. Rescue me video, finally. That's why she went back to her late 1990 hair & make up
  9. Real deep house. She shared Big fun's Good Life & Louie Vega's Deep Inside on her IG, Honey Dijon is very good at deep house and so is Jayda G.
  10. The overreaction here ! Seriously come back in a few months and read what you wrote again...or in a few years. You shouldn't be spending that much time on someone especially to be so negative. Ask yourself why this triggers so much rage in you. It's unhealthy to witness. Really. Breathe and think it over. It's not that important and not that bad.
  11. Aaron was stuck in Portugal for a shooting job. Clearly the person whom replaced him for the VMA's was not up to par. Better she missed.
  12. I'm not surprised at all by the negative reactions here. At all. Hahahahah. And i love it. I love Madonna. She always pissed off people who deserve to be pissed off, making assholes reveal themselves in the process. She's still the master of that art. Because this is what art is all about, to make people uncomfortable, to push their buttons so paesants spew all the hatred and fear they keep inside. Love you Madonna, queen of performance art. <3.
  13. She realized she had a wonderful life and was wasting it doing this even though it was made for fun but people became abusive to her. Maybe.
  14. Well MTV is relauching worldwide on the back of Paramount+ so it may be promo for the channel since M & MTV have been linked since (almost) the beginning. Well, i don't know why i'm saying this, i have no fucking clue either hahahah. Damn forums forcing you to share your opinion even though you don't even care about it yourself. I'm out of here hahaha. It's witchery.
  15. It's clearly just a home studio (no mixing desk just a computer) and she bothered enough to go on Times Square to film it .
  16. The sequins black dress open in the back she wore in the movie was exposed at Disneyworld in the 90's (i saw it in 92).
  17. Imagine this is the biopic she's shooting guys and she's just reenacting how she came to New York.
  18. After reading the reaction from the movie producer it seems like Madonna's catty remark about Winger in the RS interview with Carrie Fisher in 91 came AFTER all these behind the scenes drama Winger was making. Since we didn't know then what was happening it sounded like an attack from Madonna when she was just adressing the situation. Debra Winger said in interviews that Lynda Carter was jealous and unsecure about having her on set because she was younger than her. Have you seen them side by side ? Hahahah. The fool.
  19. Rhino records keep retweeting these videos. In fact, since the big announcement on her birthday, they keep retweeting every tweet regarding Madonna.
  20. Maybe the special editions of the remastered albums are already ready and she remixed "Love Song" for "Like a prayer" or "I'd ratha B Ya Lover" for "Bedtime Stories" with 2Pac...
  21. Even Lynda Carter who is a sweetheart said, when pressed to talk about how difficult Winger was when she played Wonder Girl in Wonder Woman, "If you don't have anything nice to say about somebody, don't say anything". Rosanna Arquette thought she had something when she made the doc "Looking for Debra Winger" only to have her insulting her years later..
  22. I guess she never got over Madonna telling Carrie Fisher in Rolling Stone in 1991 that Winger was absolutely horrible and the wrong choice in Tea in the Sahara
  23. I don't want a box set. I want good quality remasters and a few extra unreleased tracks from the sessions or demos. Considering how unlucky we've been so far it's gonna be a big improvment (it's strange Madonna never tried to sale her back catalogue over and over again with special editions and formats like Bjork did for example when she's considered to be THE material girl)
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