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  1. Artistica

    5 out of 5. Intimate. Audience interaction. Walking through the crowd less than an arm's length away from us. Beautiful stage layout for the Fado Club. The fado section. The whole atmosphere (in Lisbon). No same-old-greatest hits show. Lots of new material. I loved Rebel Heart but this beats it. It was so good it felt like a dream. ❤
  2. Artistica

    In Lisbon, we started queuing half an hour before doors opening. Made it to our seats comfortably with a quick stop at the merch stand. Venue was bigger though...
  3. Artistica

    Agreed! It takes forever to get in with the queue moving slowly and an airport-style body search to go through. If she had started on time some might have missed the beginning, despite apprearing just around door opening time.
  4. Artistica

    Same here! Had a sore throat walking back to the hotel. The atmosphere on my night was fantastic. ❤
  5. Artistica

    From the 3rd one? Do you mean the Thursday show (16th)? I was there and did not see any cameras.
  6. Artistica

    Great review! ❤❤
  7. Artistica

    I was wondering that too. Also, did they have tour programmes / books and how much did they cost in Euros?
  8. Artistica

    Thanks for your suggestions. Managed to sell the tickets over StubHub. With a loss but at least not having to stand in front of the venue in the rain.👍
  9. Artistica

    Thanks! Trouble is I can apparently post on just one of these sites at the same time. I am wondering if I should put them back on ticketswap. What Twitter site would you recommend?
  10. Artistica

    No one seems to be buying through Stubhub or Viagogo. There's tickets at or below face value in the front sections and nothing's happening. I am getting super worried about the two spare tickets I am trying to sell for the 16th in Lisbon. Not sure where else I can try.
  11. Artistica

    Reference to the last Lady Gaga tour, I think. Most dates canceled.
  12. Artistica

    I still have 2 extra tickets available for the 16th - great aisle seats in the 1a Plateia (I have the original invoice from Message me if interested. ❤
  13. Artistica

    If you follow the link for those dates (Jan 21st and Jan 22nd) it takes you to, the official seller - where they are no longer shown.
  14. Artistica

    The other dates were still there yesterday afternoon, so they must have changed it last evening...
  15. Artistica

    This is interesting! Hasn't been like this yesterday. They must have just updated it early this morning. Looks like two of the shows got canceled in Lisbon! And the 16th is now fully sold out - which looks as if the first 4 shows will go ahead (I don't think she cancelled a sold out show yet) but unclear about the second week...